Ponte di Legno

The tourist resort of Ponte di Legno is located at the end of the Valle Camonica and is its last and, by territorial extension, the largest municipality. Completely immersed in a wide valley bottom, it acts as a border through the Tonale Pass between Lombardy and Trentino-Alto Adige, while through the Gavia Pass between the provinces of Brescia and Sondrio.

It is the northernmost municipality of the Camonica valley and the province of Brescia and is the second most populated after Edolo Alta Valle Camonica.

The village of Poia, now inserted in the inhabited area, is its western offshoot. The villages of Zoanno and Precasaglio are located slightly higher than the capital, to the north. The village of Pezzo, however, remains isolated and represents the country of the valley at a higher altitude.

Ponte di Legno is the geographical point where the Narcanello torrent, which descends from the Pisgana glacier, and the Frigidolfo torrent, coming from Val Malza and the Lago Nero, meet to create an important river in the north and one of the main tributaries of the Po , the Oglio.

Since the area was formerly a swamp, the valley floor has been reclaimed several times both to allow the construction of new buildings, and, especially before the advent of tourism, to encourage cultivation and pastoralism.

From the village you can admire the entire group of the Castellaccio, consisting of the homonymous mountain, from the top of Lagoscuro, from the top of Payer and from the top of Venice. Climbing first to Valbione and then to the Corno D’Aola, at about 2000 m above sea level, the whole village is dominated, the Salimmo group, consisting of the mountain of the same name, from the top of Casola and the Corno d’Aola peak and even the Passo del Tonale. You can also see in full Vescasa, the aforementioned Valbione, where there is a pond for trout fishing, a nine-hole golf course and the Conca di Pozzuoli from where paths to Bocchetta di Casola branch off and the Cima Salimmo.

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