Friday 5 July 2019 – Day before the race

RACE PACK WITHDRAWAL: first you will have to go to Sulzano at the secretary for the race pack withdrawal. The race secretary will open from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the city hall of Sulzano, via Cesare Battisti, 91. You will receive everything you need for the race (bags, silicon cup, numbers, GPS, timing-chip, etc.) except for the bib, which will be officially handed over to you later, during the ceremony.

TRANSITION AREA CHECK-IN: once you have picked up the race pack you will have to go to the T1 transition area of ​​Sulzano, next to the city hall in square 28 Maggio, to leave your bike. T1 transition area will be open from 2:15 pm to 3:15 pm.

BAG DELIVERY: with the race pack you will receive 5 different bags. It will be your responsibility to fill these bags with appropriate material (indicated below), which will be useful for you during the race. Of these 5 bags, 4 you will have to deliver to the organization, in the secretariat, within 18.00 pm (you will only hold the T1 bag with you). The organization will provide for thecarriage of the bags so that you can use them in the various points of the route where they are intended to be used. At the end of the race you will find the bags in the appropriate collection point in Ponte di Legno.

How to organize the bags?

01 – T1 – LIGHT BLUE: this is the only bag to NOT deliver to the organization. In this bag you will take the wet-suit, the goggles and the rest of the material at the end of the swimming course. You will have to leave this bag (empty) in the T1 transition area before the race, at your bike seat. You will withdraw this bag together with the bike in Ponte di Legno.
02 – Trivigno – RED you will find this bag at the Aprica. In this bag it is recommended to insert a jacket, food and drinks.
03 – Gavia – BLUE NAVY will find this bag at the Gavia. It is recommended to insert heavy clothing to cover during the descent, water / drinks / mineral salts / gels and food.
04 – T2 – GREEN in this bag you will insert everything that will serve during the race fraction (shoes, running clothes, backpack, etc.). You will find this bag located at the T2 exchange area in Ponte di Legno. Once the bag has been used, you can insert the material that will no longer be necessary after the cycling fraction (bike clothing, bike shoes, etc.).
05 – Arrival – BLACK in this bag you can place everything necessary after arrival (for example a clean and dry change for the post race). For this bag, you can use your personal bag instead of the organization one.

OBLIGATORY BRIEFING: once the operations described above are completed, it is mandatory for all athletes to take part in the briefing. The briefing will start at 5.00 pm (in Italian) and at 18.30 pm (in English) in the Sebino Cinema, in Sale Marasino, Marini square.

CEREMONY PECTORAL DELIVERY: at around 5:00 pm, will be held the ceremony of delivery of the bibs to all participants

The day will end around 19:00 to allow you to be free and go to rest.

Saturday 6 July 2019 – Race day

TRANSITION AREA T1: you will be able to enter the T1 change zone at Sulzano from 2.15 am to 3:15 am.

BOARDING DEPARTURE: at 3:20 you will have to embark on the boat, a few meters from transition area, that will transport you to the starting point of the swimming course.

START: 4:00 am with the swimming course.


For the BIKE fraction the following refreshment points are provided:

  • BRENO (43 km)
  • TRIVIGNO (97 km)
  • PONTEDILEGNO (140 km)

At these aid stations you will find fruit, salts, water, coke, food.

For the RUN fraction the following refreshment points are provided:

  • VALBIONE (km 17)
  • PONTEDILEGNO (km 21)
  • località TONALINA (km 25)
  • TONALE (km 31)

At these aid stations you will find fruit, salts, water, coke, cake. In Pontedilegno e Tonale salad food too.

AFTER THE ARRIVAL: after arriving at Passo Paradiso, you can get off at the Tonale Pass with the cambleway. From here it is not expected a transport for athletes to Ponte di Legno, so we advise you to organize a descent independently by agreeing with other athletes / supporters who can give you a ride.

Sunday 7 July 2019 – Day after the race

MATERIAL WITHDRAWAL: starting from 9.30 am you can pick up the bike and all your race bags in Ponte di Legno at the Middle Schools, at the intersection between via Nino Brixio and via Gennaro Sora.

AWARDS: at 12.00 the prizes will be held in Ponte di Legno, in the square. Following event closing lunch.