Registration fee

It’s a small gesture but often you avoid facing it because from a simple idea, it forces you to take a commitment with yourself.
Pre-register*, the cost is only €10, and your courage will be rewarded with a surprise…

*You will have time until October 31st to pre-register. By January you must confirm the registration, paying the rest of the fee, deducted €10 of the pre-registration. Otherwise, your pre-registration will expire.

The registration fee is set at € 350.00.
The registration fee includes:

  • Stone Brixia Man gadget
  • Race Manual
  • Race bib
  • stickers kit: bike, helmet, bags, support cars
  • Swim cap
  • Race Chip
  • GPS for tracking
  • 2 voucher pasta party in the shelter
  • 2 voucher for award ceremony lunch
  • 2 vouchers for descent by cableway

Registration procedure

  • Registration can be made exclusively online at the following link with payment by credit card.
  • Registration will close on May 31, 2019 or upon reaching the maximum number of participants set at 150 people.

All participants must be in compliance with the registration to the respective triathlon federation of belonging and must exhibit, at the time of the withdrawal of the race pack, the relative card and an identity document. Non-members must show a B1 competitive medical certificate.

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