Support Team


  • Each athlete must have a support in the last 7.5 km of the race starting from Tonale Pass gate up to the arrival at the Paradise Pass.
  • The athlete must communicate during registration the name, surname and telephone number of his supporter.
  • The supporter must be available by telephone until the end of the competition and must notify the athlet’s withdrawal to the telephone number indicated by the organization.
  • It is recommended that the supporter accompany the athlete from the second passage to Ponte di Legno.
  • It is admitted to be accompanied during the whole race (42km).
  • The supporter can bring in his backpack, food, supplements and liquids also for the athlete.
  • The same equipment is mandatory for both.


  • The support car during the cycling fraction is optional.
  • In the case in which you use you must comply with the following rules:
    • A sedan, station wagon or SUV car capable of covering Alpine passes is allowed
    • The use of campers is not allowed; vans or minibuses. The use of bicycles is not allowed either.
    • It will be mandatory to display the identification sticker of the vehicle provided by the organization.
    • The support car will have to respect the highway code avoiding to interfere as much as possible the circulation of the other vehicles.
    • It must maintain a safe distance of at least 120 meters from the athlete.
    • The assistance to the athlete must be provided to the parked car with the 4 signaling arrows inserted.
    • Assistance with moving cars can not be provided, otherwise the disqualification will be applied.
    • The athlete is allowed to sit on the car ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY if he stops, under penalty of immediate disqualification. to wait for his return at the beginning of the climb.The support car will NOT must to follow the athlete during the ascent to the Gavia Pass but will have to wait for his return at the beginning of the climb.

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