There is no exact definition for this kind of races, so i will give you my personal definition.

An Extreme Triathlon Race (xTri) in a long distance race, with a difficult course.

Long distance means that is similar to an IronMan distance: 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ad 42 km run.

Difficult course means that there are some elements that make the race really tough such as: cold water, big ascend during bike and run leg, difficult weather conditions, difficult to reach cutoffs, trail running path.

In our opinion an Extreme Triathlon Race is a journey, not only on the land but also inside ourselves. That’s why we don’t really like multilap races and multievent races.

We are preparing a calendar of the extreme triathlon competitions. The previous definition will be used to consider or not a race to be included in our blog’s race calendar.

There are also tougher and longer races around the world. We will not consider in our extreme triathlon calendar double, triple, decaIronMan.

What do you think about our definition?