Approach Mandatory Equipment


 As for StoneBrixiaMan, in order to guarantee the maximum safety of the athletes, there is a mandatory equipment.

 It will be mandatory to always have a charged MOBILE PHONE with you throughout the race (excluding the swimming part) with the telephone number left with the organization

 For the run fraction, the mandatory equipment must be carried along for the WHOLE FRACTION

Buoy: supplied by the organization, with relative lanyard; must be tied at the waist; the signal light and the sticker with the bib number that you will receive when collecting the race pack must be applied to it.

Rear light mounted on the bike
GPS provided by the organization
Mobile phone
Approved helmet
Bike front number
Breastplate visible from the back

Technical waterproof windbreaker (shell) suitable for use in the high mountains (in goretex or similar material)
THERMAL CAP or thermal buff (sun cap with visor is not good)
Emergency blanket (e.g. aluminum sheet)
Reusable glass (we will not give glasses at refreshment points)
Bottles, water and food reserves
Mobile phone
Two checks will be carried out on the mandatory material for the RUN fraction:
Friday ad race office during the  race pack collection.
During the race, in T2 in Ponte di Legno

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