Race manual 2016


The contents of this race manual may be subject to change. Every amendment will be notified to the athletes registered for the race.

It is mandatory for every athlete and support team to read and fully understand the content of the Race Manual.

Stone Brixia Man Extreme Triathlon is a competition based on the classical long distance triathlon lengths:




Valcamonica is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps
and is the perfect setting for the race.

This competition is conceived to  provide the athletes with a unique and exciting experience where the person is at the center. Our focus is to support each participant so they can concentrate on their race, their emotions, their effort without any other concerns.

The race is tough: the total difference in height is more than 6000 meters, during the bike leg you will reach 2621meters a.s.l. and the finish line is at Passo Paradiso at 2600 meters a.s.l.


July 8, 2016


Opening of the race office registration



Transportation by bus for atheltes and bikes leaving from Ponte di Legno to Marone

 Ponte di Legno Via F.lli Calvi (Close to the ski slopes)


Lunch for athletes



T1 opens for bike check in



T1 closes



Mandatory briefing for athletes (support are welcome)

Marone Sport center


Athletes Dinner (support are welcome)

Marone Sport center


Camping beds for athletes

Marone Sport center

July 9 ,2016

1:30 – 2:30


Marone Sport center

2:30 – 3:20

T1 open for final bike check and T2, aid stations  and arrival bags drop-off.



Boat leaves to starting line




Iseo Lake


Estimated arrival of first athlete

Passo Paradiso


T2 Opens for bike check out

Ponte di Legno


Last athlete arrival

Passo Paradiso

July 10, 2016


T2 closes for bike check-out

Ponte di legno


Awards ceremony and lunch

Ponte di Legno


Event Closing

Ponte di Legno


The swim will start from a barge, in the middle of the lake between Sulzano and Peschiera Maraglio at 4:00am. At the beginning it will be dark. The route will be clearly indentified with lights. Safety will be our priority and especially during the first part the support will be immediately available.

You will swim north, along the coast of Montisola, then around Loreto island (north of Montisola) keeping it on your right, then to the swim exit in Marone.

After T1 in Marone, you will ride the Vello-Toline bike road, and then follow almost the entire Valcamonica from Pisogne to Edolo, where you are going to turn right to Passo Aprica and then to Passo Mortirono through the village of Trivigno. After Mortirolo, downhill to Monno and turn right to Ponte di Legno. After a “bike-through” the center of Ponte di Legno you will be climbing Passo Gavia. Once you reach the top you will turn back to Ponte di Legno, where T2 will be ready (?).

T2 will be prepared by the race organisers. Every athlete will prepare a bag (supplied by Stoneman) with the material they will need. The athletes will find the bag at their transition spot.

The run leg will start form Ponte di Legno. During the first 20 km the difference in height will be moderate, even if you will run through some hard climbs. You will reach the villages of Zoanno and Precasaglio, where through a suggestive path with a view on Ponte di Legno and Adamello mountain, you will run to Villadalegno.

After a downhill section you will reach the other side of the valley, running through the village of Temù, to Val Sozzine, before coming back to Ponte di Legno.

At that moment you will start the real final climb to the finish line, through Pezzo and Vescasa you will reach the Tonale Pass.

From Tonale Pass it is mandatory that every athlete is supported by a member of his team, and together they will reach Passo Paradiso from the route known as “Cantiere”.

At Paradiso Pass there is a restaurant that can be reached by a cable car.

The StoneMan finish line will provide the athletes, after the enormous effort, with an unforgettable experience with the support, passion and applause from the public and a personal sense of achievement.

The supporters will not be allowed to run the last 100 meters with the athlete.


Aid Stations

During bike leg and run leg there will be refreshment points with all you need during an extreme race like Stone Brixia Man.
During the bike leg support by the athlete’s team is allowed. Every kind of support must be performed outside of the road with the athlete is NOT riding his bike. Disqualification if this rule is not respected.

Aid stations will be organized every 30 km, at two of them (at the top of Mortirolo pass and at the top of Gavia pass), every athlete can send his own food , beverage and clothes, through bags supplied by the organization (see below in the Bags chapter)

We recommend to send also warm clothes, because, especially at Gavia Pass the temperature could by cold, and the downhill will be long!

In every aid station you will find: water and Coca-cola (in paper glass and 1,5 liters bottles), ISO and Powerade ( in sport bottles) gel, bars, bananas and bresaola sandwiches

During the run leg you’ll find aid stations every 5km. Personal food and beverages will not be sent to the stations. Support by your team members is always allowed along the all run course. Your support can run with you and you are obliged to have somebody with you starting from the aid station/check point of Tonale Pass.

At the finish line you’ll find the finish line bag (see below bag chapter) with your material, is will be possible to rest and change clothes in a warm building. Youll’find food and warm beverages.

After the finish line our Athletes Care team will take care of you and your support on the cable car to the busses that will take you back to T2 in Ponte di Legno or to your hotel. Stone Brixia Man team will bring those bags back to T2 for bike check-out.


Race bags

At the registration you will receive 5 racing bags.

Two bags will be used for the Mortirolo and Gavia aid stations during the bike course. You can put inside food and beverage as wella as clothing to cover or change yourself.

One bag is for your swimsuit and goggles. You have to put them in that bag. You’ll find that bag at T2 for bike check-out.

One bag is for material you want to find in T2 for your RUN.

The last bag is for the finish line, everything you want to find at the finish line must be in that bag. WE recommend dry and warm clothes!

All the rest of you material (what you have in Marone but you don’t need during the race) can be in ONE (only one!) personal bag labeled (we will provide a sticker). You’ll find that bag at T2 for bike check-out

Support team

Every athlete must have support during the last 12 km from Passo del Tonale until the arrival at Passo Paradiso.
It is recommended that support starts from the second crossing of Ponte di Legno. It’s allowed being supported during the entire run leg.
The supporter will be allowed to carry food, liquids, gels and clothing for the athlete in his own bag.


Diving suit is mandatory, independently from the temperature of the water.
Fluorescent lights will be provided to all the athletes during the swimming fraction. This light will be attached on a Restube supplied by the organization.
Bikes must be in perfect conditions, particularly the brake system.
Every bike must have a front light and a back light switched on for the whole duration of the ride.
Shoes for the running fraction must be trail running shoes, since the ground of the running fraction will be mainly dirt.
As the atmospherical conditions during the ride could be severe, it is responsibility of the athlete to have the right clothing.
We would like to remind you that during the run athletes will reach peaks of 2600 metres above the sea level twice.
He organization will let you find two personal bags(supplied by the organization) for every athlete at Mortirolo Pass and at Gavia Pass. It’s possible to put in the bag food, beverages and clothes. (see below Bags Chapter)
As previously stated, clothing could be carried by the supporter during run leg.
It’s mandatory for every athlete to carry a fully charged, switched off mobile phone.


Mandatory material

Swim leg: Swim suit, Restube (supplied by the organisationa)
Bike leg: front light and a back light switched on for the whole duration of the ride. Swiched off, fully charged cell phone.


StoneBrixiaMan will organize a transport service from Ponte di Legno to Marone leaving at 11:00 am on Friday july 8th.

The service is for athletes, bikes and their material. If part of your material will not fit in the 5 race bags we will take care of that and bring it back to T2 for bike check-out. Be sure that everything is inside one only bag with the supplied sticker on it.

For athletes, if needed, there is a place to sleep the night before the race (only for athletes, because of space and silence support are not allowed). The building is a sport center with bathrooms, showers and camping bags.

A sleeping bag is necessary, WE recommend ear plugs and eyes cover.

In the same place we well supply dinner and breakfast (from 1:30 am). At dinner support team is welcome.


Cut-offs will be strictly respected by the organisation. No access after cut off time.





Passo del Tonale


Passo Paradiso Finish Line



Registration will open on November 25th 2015, and it will close when the maximum number of participants is reached, as  “Registration procedures”, or on March 31th 2016.

The entry fee is €350.

Upon registration a symbolic fee of 2€ (non refundable, deductable from the entry fee) will be requested.

Once included in the start list every athlete will receive an e-mail including the final registration-payment link to complete the process.

The conclusion of the process must be in 5 days after mail is received. If not concluded the slot will be lost.

Refund Policy

Stone Brixia Man is a high quality race, with a huge amount of costs to ensure a very emotional experience.

Due to this reason only a 50% of the entry fee will be refoundable if the request will be communicated before march 31st.

After march 31st any refund will be rejected.


Every athlete and supporter must sign a declaration of responsability.
Is is possible to read this documento at the following link:
Stone Brixia Man declaration of responsability

Further information will be added to this section in future and some will be communicated only to registered athletes.

Our primary purpose is to make Stoneman an unforgettable experience for both athletes and supporters and to ensure that everybody is able to concentrate on living and enjoy the 9th of July at their best.