Mandatory Equipment

Mandatory Equipment


  • Swimsuit: it is mandatory to wear the suit for safety reasons
  • Buoy: is provided by the organization with its lanyard, it must be tied at the waist and on which the signal light and the bib number sticker must be applied



  • Back bike light
  • GPS provided by the organization
  • Mobile phone charged and turned off
  • Helmet approved
  • Race bib at the back


RUN (for the whole course)

Both the athlete and the companion must necessarily be provided with the following material for the whole :

  • Waterproof and breathable jacket with hood, suitable for facing bad weather conditions in the mountains (we absolutely suggest Gore-Tex jacket)
    • jacked must have the hood
    • watertight seams
    • no permeable part
  • Mountain long trousuers
  • long sleeve thermal shirt
  • thermal hat or buff
  • Front light
  • Mobile phone turned off
  • GPS provided by the organization
  • reusable glass (we don’t provide glasses at the refreshment points)
  • water
  • food
  • Thermal blanket
  • whistle


More info about equipment:

  • Disc brakes for bike are allowed
  • A complete change for bike clothing is suggested
  • Bike gloves are suggested
  • thermal gloves for running are suggested
  • a front light for bike is suggested (there’s a 400 m dark tunnel before Gavia pass)

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