The regulation defines the main points concerning the participation in the race. Each participant undertakes to accept the following regulations upon filling in the online registration form and giving his consent. For more information on the individual points, you can consult the section Terms&Conditions and the dedicated menu items where they exist. Organizators reservs the right to make changes to the regulation for reasons related to the improvement of the organization. For all that is not contemplated in the present Regulation, the ITU Regulations will be valid.

Only athletes over the age of 20 can participate.
The participant must be aware that participation in the event requires considerable physical effort.
To participate in the competition it is necessary the online registration. We don’t accept registrations by phone or email. To obtain the final confirmation of your registration it is mandatory to have made the payment within 10 days following the registration.
The requirements to participate in the Stone Brixia Man competition are:

  • be FITRI-AICS members or, for foreign athletes, have a regular membership card belonging to the triathlon federation of their Country.


  • have a B1 competitive certificate FOR SPORT: TRIATHLON, by uploading it during the registration in the appropriate section or by accessing it later in your reserved area called MyAccount or sending it to the organization at the email address after completing the registration procedure.

In the first case it will be possible to register for the race using the “TESSERATO” mode and indicating the card number.
In the second case it will be possible to register according to the “AMATEUR” mode

Foreign participants who are not registered abroad can also take part by filling in the appropriate form available (for download CLICK HERE). This form must be uploaded during the registration in the appropriate section or by accessing it later in the MyAccount reserved area or sent to the organization at the email address after completing the registration procedure.

In any case, the certificate must be valid for the date of the competition. Athletes who do not show up with a valid certificate can not take part in the race.


  • WETSUIT: Unless otherwise communicated by the event organizer, the swimming wetsuit is mandatory for the swimming fraction. Participants without a suit will not be allowed to compete.
  • BIKE: it is allowed to use time trial bikes equipped with extensions
  • WHEELS: it is allowed to make use of rear lenticular wheel and wheels also with less than 12 spokes (spoked wheels)
  • BOTTLE:  in addition to water bottles inserted in the column tube and / or in the down tube, it is allowed: the positioning of the water bottle holder on the rear of the saddle (max 2 water bottles) and / or extensions applied to the handlebar (1 bottle), is allowed the use of camelback type containers.
  • DRAFT: Stone Brixia Man race is a NO DRAFT race (draft not allowed).
  • DISQUALIFICATIONS: organizer reserves the right, at any time, to stop or disqualify participants, if at its discretion, believes that such action is necessary for safety reasons or for the proper performance of the event of the other Participants or for any other reason. No refund of the registration will be due if the Participant has acted negligently, maliciously, with intentional misconduct, without due care and attention to the Event or the other participants, such as to cause his / her disqualification / disqualification; The above-mentioned athletes may be forbidden for life to participate in the events organized by TriO Events.
  • ROAD RULES: All competitors must comply with the rules established by the Highway Code. In the cycling fraction traffic will NOT be checked, so it is up to each participant to pay close attention. CAUTION: in the first part of the bike course there are some railway crossing. If you find the rail crossing closed, you must stop your course and wait the train and the rail crossing opening.
  • RACE MATERIAL WITHDRAWAL: The collection of the race material must be done only by the athlete, showing to the custody staff their bib number.

For swimming fraction, the wetsuit and buoy provided by the organization (together with the appropriate cord to be tied at the waist) are obligatory for safety reasons.

For the cycling fraction are mandatory: rear light, GPS provided by the organization, mobile phone load and off, approved helmet and chest clearly visible at the back.

For the fraction of the race, up to the Tonale gate (first 30km) are mandatory: water and food, frontal lice, mobile phone load and off, GPS provided by the organization.

For the race after the Tonale gate (last 12 km) they are compulsory both for the athlete and for the chaperone:

Backpack containing

      • front light
      • thermal blanket
      • waterproof and thermal clothing
      • waterproof jacket with hood (a good jacket must have a water-resistance value of a water column of 20,000 mm.) Membranes with a water column of 20,000 mm are GoreTex, Powertex, Scholler, or the Sympatex and Marmot MemBrain® Strata that can withstand pressure up to 25,000 mm It is essential to choose a product that is also breathable.The value from 6 to 13 the fabric is very breathable (for example Gore Performance and Powertex), up to 20 they are still acceptable, above 20 you start to feel the sensation of wet due to perspiration, so technical fabrics ideal for high-intensity activities must have low numerical values)
      • thermal mesh
      • long trousers
      • cap, gloves
      • water and food
      • mobile phone charged and turned off
      • GPS provided by the organization

Further information on the equipment: disc brakes are allowed, it is recommended to have a complete change of bike clothing and spare gloves

5. GATES (maximum times)

      • Maximum swimming fraction time 2 hours (6:00 am)
      • Maximum cycling fraction time 11 hours (5:00pm)
      • Maximum time to pass the Tonale gate at 9:00pm
      • Maximum time for arrival at the finish line at 00:00am

Organizators reserves the right to change the route at its sole discretion for reasons related to the improvement of traffic and safety of athletes. Any changes will be promptly reported to the athletes and on the event website.
The organization reserves the right to reduce or restrict access to the routes during the course of the race in case of adverse weather conditions


      • Registration is made on the site
      • Once the online registration procedure has been completed, an order confirmation email will be sent from the system and a payment confirmation email will be sent. In case of no reception check the SPAM box. In any case, the user can verify the registration by consulting the SUBSCRIBERS LIST published on the website of the competition.
      • The method of payment is by credit card.
      • Online registrations are open until the maximum number of registered athletes is reached, set at 150 participants and in any case no later than 24.00 on May 31st, 2021, after this date it will no longer be possible to register.
      • The registration fee is set at € 380.00:
      • The registration fee includes:
      • Stone Brixia Man gadget
      • Race Manual
      • Race bib
      • stickers kit, bike, helmet, bags, support cars
      • Headphones
      • Chip
      • GPS tracking
      • 2 good pasta party in the shelter
      • 2 awards ceremony lunches
      • 2 vouchers for cableway descent


It is possible to make group registration using the online registration form using the “Add a friend” mode. In this way, multiple participants can be added within the same order.

IMPORTANT: when registering a friend, enter the person’s email address (and not his own!). In this way all the members will receive confirmation emails and subsequent communications before the race.

For collective or team registration, the data provided by the person making the entries on behalf of third parties is considered responsible; the latter subscribes and accepts the rules in every part of every registered athlete.

The collective registration will be finalized only upon payment of the registration fees, to be made no later than 10 days from the online registration date. After this deadline, the registration will be automatically canceled by the system. Even the booked accessory services (accompanying dinner, etc.) must be paid upon registration.

The timing will be performed by the Official Timer SDAM with technology based on the use of “chips”. Each participant will be provided with a daily chip, which must be returned at the end of the race. Staff will be in charge of collecting the chips and verifying their status. In case of non-return, € 15.00 will be charged. Information and conditions on the use of the chips are published on the MYSDAM website. Failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non-allocation of time spent.

The rankings will be published on the MYSDAM website at the end of each competition.
Subsequently, the rankings will also be published on the race site.

Attention: the aim of the competition is not to arrive first, but to live an experience. The ranking is considered as a simple list of finisher.

During the award ceremony each finisher will receive an award. Each participant will be called personally to collect his prize, in random order.

There will be ambulances with doctors and nurses, fixed First Aid points, one of which is permanent in the arrival area, mobile service with motorbikes and specialized staff. Radio Relief fixed and mobile points.

For the BIKE fraction the following refreshment points are provided:

      • Breno (km 43)
      • Trivigno (km 97)
      • Pontedilegno (km 140)

At these refreshment points the participant will be able to stock up on fruit, bars, salts, gels, water, drinks, food.
For the RUN fraction the following refreshment points are provided:

      • Villadalegno (km 8)
      • Valbione (km 16.5)
      • Pontedilegno (km 22)
      • Passo del Tonale (km 33)

In the event of non-participation, the registration fee paid will not be returned.

You can TRANSFER your registration to the next edition no later than May 10th, 2021. In this way the sum paid for registration will be kept valid for the following year, with a charge of € 10.00 for secretary costs. It is possible to make the transfer of registration by accessing RaceMate, selecting your name at the top right and entering MyAccount. Here you can select the item “Your Registrations”, there will be a special button TRANSFER. Following the procedure the system will send the user a coupon that will allow the registration the following year. The coupon must be used the following year when registering for the new tender and inserted in the appropriate space at checkout. The coupon will not cover any additional services and adjustments to the registration cost.

  • The enrollment moved to the following year is not automatic, each participant must register independently, using the coupon.
  • The registration moved to the following year cannot be transferred to third parties.
  • The registration moved to the following year is not further transferable in the following years.

It is possible to make SUBSTITUTIONS for athletes registered for the race at a cost of € 10.00 within and no later than:

  • May 31st, 2021 10:00 am

After this deadline, no substitutions or requests for changes to the starting list will be accepted.

It is possible to carry out the substitution independently by accessing RaceMate by selecting your name at the top right and entering MyAccount. Here you can select the item “Your Registrations”, where there is a special button SUBSTITUTION. Following the procedure the system will ask you to enter the email of the substitute. RaceMate will send the substitute a coupon with which he can independently register for the same race and cancel the replaced person. The coupon must be used by the substitute when registering for the race and inserted in the appropriate space at checkout. The coupon will charge € 10.00 for secretarial expenses and will not cover any additional services and adjustments to the enrollment cost.

Friday July 2nd
1:00 pm Opening of the race secretary for the delivery of race packs and bags at Via Cesare Battisti, 91 in Sulzano (Council Chamber in the Sulzano City Hall)
2.00 pm Transition area opening in Piazza 28th Maggio (adjacent to Sulzano Town Hall)
4:00 pm Closing of the transition area
4.30 pm Compulsory Briefing in Italian at the Council Chamber of the Sulzano City Hall
5.00 pm Briefing required in English at the Council Chamber of the Sulzano City Hall
5.30 pm Beginning of the Ceremony at the Council Chamber of the Sulzano City Hall
6.30 pm Closing ceremony

Saturday July 3rd
2:30 am Opening of the transition area for bike inspection, GPS pick-up
3:15 am Closing of the transition area
3:20 am Embarking on barge to head for departure
4:00 am Departure Stone Brixia Man 

Sunday July 4th
09:00 am Opening of the bike pick-up area at the Middle School of Ponte di Legno
12:00 pm Prize-giving ceremony at Piazza di Ponte di Legno
Following event closing lunch


For the withdrawal of the race package it is essential to present a copy of the registration receipt and an identity document.
The race pack can also be collected by third parties, presenting a copy of the registration form.

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