The departure is set at 4 am, on the other side of the lake, in the town of Taverna Bergamasca. Athletes will be carried at the starting line by boat.

The course is a straight line that crosses the lake. The point of exit from the water is signaled by a powerful lighthouse to the sky oriented. Sulzano church may also be used as a conspicuous reference point. 

A beginning of undoubted charm, all together but only with their emotions that only a challenge like Stone Brixia Man can give.


A journey of almost 180 km crossing the whole Camonica Valley. You arrive to Edolo (km 75) to face the first of the 3 alpine passes, the Aprica 1,176m asl. The ascent continues to reach the legendary Mortirolo 1.852m asl.

A long descent leads to the valley again and then you’ll gently climbs towards Ponte di Legno. You’ll pass in the town center of Pontedilegno, (km 140 – 1.200 asl) where you’ll find the refreshment point. Here begins the Gavia pass climb with its 2,621 m above sea level. Turning point at the pass and then last descent to get to the transition area, located in town center of Ponte di Legno, piazza XXVII Settembre.


The first 20 km are drawn on a very rough route near Ponte di Legno and the valley bottom. You pass the small town of Zoanno, Precasaglio, Villadalegno. Then you go on the opposite side of the valley crossing the center of Temù, you climb to Valbione (altitude 1,500 m) and descend to Pontedilegno again for the well-deserved bath of crowd and for the refreshment of half race (20nd km). This is the best point where supporto team can join you and start running with you.

Here begins the last roughness of the day: the climb leads first to TONALE PASS (km 31 – 1.883 m) where you’ll find the timing check point (9.00 p.m. last time to arrive there). Here begins the high mountain trail that with the last 7 km (and 800 m in altitude) leads to the finish line at the Passo Paradiso at 2.600m above sea level.

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