Support Team

Only the SUPPORT TEAM can bring some external help, with the rules under here. 

RUN COURSE – Support Team

– Every athlete must have a support team for the last 7,5 km of the race, starting from T3 – Passo del Tonale check-point, up to the finish line at Passo Paradiso
– The athlete must provide the name, surname and telephone number of his supporter during registration.
– The supporter must be available by telephone from 5:00 a.m. on Saturday until the end of the race and must communicate the possible withdrawal of the athlete to the telephone number indicated by the organization.
– We suggest that the supporter run with the athlete from the second passing in Ponte di Legno (km 20).
– It is allowed to be accompanied during the whole run course.
– The supporter can carry all the equipment of the athlete in his backpack.
– Both the atlete and the supporter must carry the mandatory equipment (see the section Mandatory equipement)


BIKE COURSE – Support Car

For the BIKE COURSE you can have a “Support Car”

  • During the bike course, it’s FORBIDDEN to be escorted by other cyclists who are competing or are not competing.
  • Along the way there are 2 fixed check-points; further checks will be made by cars or motorbikes.
  • The athlete that is identified with other cyclists will suffer a penalty of 15 minutes at the end of the bike course, in Transition Zone T2, in Pontedilegno, before the start of running course.
  • The penalty is assigned if we find an athlete accompanied by other cyclists (both preceding and following him) within 30 meters in the flat sections and within 10 meters in the uphill sections.


The support car is optional. 

If you use support car, you have to respect the following rules: 

  • you can use a station wagon or SUV; it has to be able to run across mountain passes
  • You can’t use camper, vans or minibuses.
  • You have to apply the vehicle identification sticker, provided by the organization.
  • The support car must observe the traffic rules, avoiding hindering the movement of other vehicles.
  • It must maintain a safety distance of at least 100 meters from the athlete.
  • The athlete’s assistance must be provided only with the stopped and parked car.
  • Assistance with moving cars is not allowed: penalty of disqualification.
  • The athlete is allowed to sit in the car ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY if it is stationary, under penalty of immediate disqualification.
  • The support car will NOT be able to follow the athlete during the ascent to Passo Gavia (small road); it can wait at the beginning of the climb.




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