Not a race but an incredible journey, a journey full of fears before, but of strong emotions after that will change you forever. You cannot tell it, there are no words, they could not understand them, you carry it inside forever. I shared this experience with my family and friends, with my son who has followed me for the last few kilometers. Just to remind him I get tears.

I will never have the right words to thank all the people who worked to get us to Heaven.

This was my second finished Stonebrixiaman. Thanks

Diego Saba

It is with great pleasure that I tell you about my Stonebrixiaman.

Let’s start from the fact that I am not an Ironman, I have never run a marathon in my life, I don’t like everything that makes you “hurry” and the ranking is only numbers.

I took part to Stonebrixiaman as 2019 represents my 10th year of marriage and therefore I wanted to celebrate it in Passo Paradiso with my wife Silvia, who was my Supporter, as the whole context represents our daily life for us:

Lake Iseo is where I start windsurfing and where we live.

Mortirolo and Gavia are our favorite summer passes by bike

Paradise is alpine skiing

Stonebrixiaman has been for me a dream came true and a set of fantastic emotions.


Mauro Riva

So I state that for me this year the race, or rather the challenge was of particular importance: the revenge! Last year I was stopped at Passo del Tonale at 9.15 pm !!. I was disappointed, because unfortunately, having never done these races, I did not understand the meaning of the gates, but I had only the finish line as my goal! This year I came back to take revenge, but also with the awareness that I could lose again, because in this race the unexpected is many and different. It is necessary to deal with physical, mental fatigue, with climatic conditions, and always remember the gates and in general for the race, especially in the bike fraction. This year I came back with my friend Gianluca, and he was an exceptional supporter for the whole race, where in the fraction of the race together we enjoyed a lot of satisfaction. I am still excited, but satisfied and proud, because on the way back, and I state that we had a nice trip, I was able to tell Tina, my wife, and my three children, Elena, Alessandro and Matteo that they have a STONE husband and father!! You have organized a great race. Thanks and greetings.

Armando Repagna

I lived three unforgettable days of true sport, where the priority is not the time trial but enjoying the event is getting to that top.
My race was dedicated to important people in my life who are no longer there and getting up there was like being closer to them!!
Goal achieved!
For the rest, I would say that you become aware of the accomplishment after a few days, especially thanks to my companions. Difficult to find another event that gives you the same emotions. Thanks to all TriOEvents staff.
See you soon!!!

Finisher in 18 hours and 16 minutes!! Everything as planned, including cramps going up to Gavia!! On Friday evening, after the preparation of the transition area and the bib delivery ceremony, I had dinner and wrapped myself in the scabbard, to sleep as much as possible.

I sleep well and well until 12, and again until one on Saturday, when the alarm goes off.

Nice sleep, well rested and I’m calm. This is an excellent sign !! Breakfast and off you go! After the finishing of the transition area (tires, clothing, wetsuit, etc …), at 3.20 there is a check and they embark in the direction of Tavernola, exactly the bank opposite Sulzano.

Obviously it is dark. The lights applied to the buoys of the various competitors begin to light up and seem to be as agitated as I am !!

We disembark, and on the Sulzano shore the civil defense lights a powerful beacon that sends a beam of light towards the sky; will be our point of reference, the direction to follow during the crossing. At 4.00 we leave. After the first agitated strokes, I set the autopilot and follow the direction, straight to straight towards the lighthouse, passing under the coast of Montisola and keeping the island of S.Paolo on the right.

I don’t force, I keep a very comfortable pace and slowly the competitors fray, until I no longer see anyone around. But the lighthouse is there, Montisola to the left and then to the right, keep it up!

I don’t force, I keep a very comfortable pace and slowly the competitors fray, until I no longer see anyone around. But the lighthouse is there, Montisola to the left and then to the right, keep it up! I pass near the completely illuminated coast of Montisola, now the island of S. Paolo is outdated and it begins to dawn. Cool!! In the breathing on the left I see my mount Guglielmo, and now in addition to the lighthouse I also recognize the country.

Go, the last strokes and land in Sulzano. I am welcomed by many fans, among whom I recognize Angelo, my supporter.

He accompanies me and prepares the bag containing the bike clothing.

I sit in the locker room and Angelo helps me with the swimming-bike transition, preparing the outfit for the next race. I leave at 5.30.

I set myself 4 partial goals that I hope will lighten the load: Edolo, Mortirolo, Ponte di Legno, Passo del Gavia and I start pedaling at a good pace.

Here there is little to say, there is only pedaling.

As needed, I feel Angelo joining me by car and I instruct him to fill up my water bottles.

As per program, I arrive in Edolo after 2 h and 30 ‘and the ascent begins.

Immediately a hard installment towards Santicolo and Corteno Golgi, then towards Aprica and right towards Trivigno.

I have not stopped yet and therefore I plan a technical stop where my supporter gives me a quadriceps massage with my magic cream. I take this opportunity to fill my bottles and eat.

The people who pass me encourage me not to give up, but mine is just a planned stop!

In Trivigno there is my red bag containing the supply of gel and a sandwich with bresaola.

Off immediately to Mortirolo and bomb down to Monno.

There are 15 km to Ponte, then there is the monster, but I’m here on purpose !!

Another technical stop with massage in Ponte di Legno and up towards the 2600 meters of the Gavia pass. They are 16 km with 1400 m d +.

I’m fine, but as soon as I leave the village I feel the first cramp inside my thigh; everything is going exactly as expected, including these cramps.

I slow down because soon there will be a 14% km. Obviously this thing makes me agitated, but trying to breathe well I continue. I see the group of the first woman and I understand that I am doing well.

The surrounding environment helps, I go to the next cramp. This time I have to stop, romp, drink. There are 6 km missing during which I will have another cramping stop, but then the altimeter says 2600 and there is no cramp that holds.

Turning point, I eat the sandwich with bresaola, I drink, I wear the long down coat and down jacket.

Great bike, I love my Bianchi !! I’m on time. Arrival in Ponte di Legno before 15, after 9 h 20 ′ by bike, 175 km and 3800 m d +.

Angelo helps me in T2: I strip naked and get dressed for the trail of the third part of the race.

I greet my supporter and we meet between 20 km and 1000 d +.

I go, now I play at home and I know exactly what I am doing and what awaits me.

I walk well uphill and run flat and downhill.

I feel that I am prepared and just accelerate that the engine responds.

Cramps not received !!

I also divided this fraction into 4 parts: climb from 500 d + and down to Temù, climb from 500 d + and down to Ponte, up in Tonale (500 d +) and then the last 800 d + towards Paradise.

As scheduled at 6 pm I am in Ponte di Legno, where Angelo is also waiting for me in the trail layout.

How nice to see him again!

It starts to rain and after wearing the waterproof jacket, a strong storm begins. But we are equipped and we are happy to move towards the pass.

Obviously he is brilliant and I am focused on measuring my strength.

After about two hours we arrive in Tonale, where there is the last gate; we are an hour ahead, very well!!

We are charged, but the race direction does not keep us going, because it claims that it is cold and windy at the top.

There are people in hypothermia, because they took the storm without adequate clothing.

But the two of us are not, we are equipped, we have not caught a thread of cold and the sky is now clear of clouds. After a while we have the green light and up to Heaven. Angelo again takes a good step and in the meantime it starts to get dark.

I turn on the front and now very little is missing.

No cramps, very well.

In front there is the first woman and Angelo wants to overcome her at all costs.

I see the lights there at the top, 400 d + are missing and I manage, great!

Last gel and go, let’s get over some people.

We reach the pass and finally I see the blue carpet and the inflatable of Paradise.

Go… emotions, Angelo and I arrived after 39 km, 2300 d + in 7 hours and 20 minutes. AlèFinisher in 18 h and 16 minutes, 39th overall (but here the ranking doesn’t count !!). Athletes leaving 108, arrived 60

Mauro Frosio

I approached triathlon because my dream was to make an Ironman, but after taking part to one I understood that I wanted something more, something that was a real challenge with myself, a race where the real difficulty was to finish it.

There are some races in the world of extreme Triathlon, but I chose Stonebrixiaman because I knew the part by bicycle, I had made those climbs in the cross-country and I was fascinated and therefore I signed up.

The first year I had a crazy fear of swimming at night and instead it was a fantastic experience, only the lights of the shore and our buoys in absolute darkness.

It seemed more like an autogenic training session than a swim, I got in touch with my body and my spirit and I loaded myself in the spring, I wanted to get on my bike and pedal. The bicycle is absolutely splendid, it starts from Lake Iseo and crosses the whole Valcamonica up to Aprica to face Mortirolo on one side easier than from Mazzo, but certainly demanding.

After the descent you get to Ponte di Legno and from there you start for the suffering, his Majesty the Gavia does not forgive and faced in the hottest hours of the day does not help, the road goes up and seems to not end, you know that after the tunnel is over but you do not see the arrival and it never seems to arrive but you are finally at the top, drink, eat, cover yourself and descend at photonic speed to Ponte di Legno.

Back in the square where there is always a spectacular cheering and the various supporters and companions. Quick change and we leave for a fairly demanding trail right from the start, with little asphalt and beautiful tough climbs where very few run especially after swimming and cycling. You run through the woods and hamlets around Ponte di Legno after about 21km you are back in the square and this time you start across the ski slope in the direction of Passo del Tonale.

Once at Tonale the last check, material check and departure with your supporter that in the last 8 km is fundamental more for the spirit than for the real danger of the route.

Here too the finish is not seen until the end, you have to get to the top to see the refuge and the desired goal underneath. Going through that inflatable always makes me move, I have done all four editions and I have finished all of them, but each time it is a different emotion, I get excited like a child who finds the gift he wanted under the Christmas tree.

Upon arrival there are relatives, friends and organizers who are now like a family, it is beautiful to find oneself with eyes swollen with tears for the emotion and to be able to embrace the person waiting for you from the departure that took place at 4 in the morning. I think as long as I have the strength it will be the race that I will do every year. You have to try it, it could be the most beautiful thing that has happened to you in life.

Marco Vanetti

The memory of Stone is still very intense and telling it to various friends in these days is a reason for satisfaction. Also because on June 17 last I had a bike accident (the front wheel got stuck in a grate of a manhole) during which I broke my nose as well as reporting points under the chin and various pains. So much so that until the last minute I was undecided whether to participate. In the end I didn’t want to abandon a dream and hard one-year trainings and I decided to try.

I love the mountains and I know Valcamonica and the climbs of the Stone very well (I had done it countless times and in my opinion the Gavia is among the most beautiful of all the Alps), but doing them in the race has an even greater charm. The swimming fraction (it was the first time I swam at night and actually frightened me a little) went very well and was beautiful. Then, as mentioned, in the bike I tried to administer the forces on the climbs I knew, but the Gavia put me to the test. At the end of the bike I did not know if I would be able to continue but the supporters (me and another friend of mine who competed had 2 friends who followed us along the entire bike route and then from the tonal to the arrival) they were close to me and I started the trail. The race started, after refreshing myself, I recovered and closed the ring around Ponte di Legno where I met the storm just before the end. I didn’t know if it was possible to continue, but when I arrived in the square in Ponte di Legno I saw the competitors cover themselves and then left, refreshed, I changed and off I went! I arrived at 20.30 at Tonale where my supporter was waiting for me and after changing again (more rain going up to Tonale) we left for Heaven. The first part went smoothly chatting with many other athletes then, when there were three km to go, the tiredness and the pace became slow slow, but now I was happy, satisfied and I enjoyed every step to the top under a half moon indicating the course. The arrival was exciting (in the initial plans I thought of going up to Tonale with my daughter, but other commitments did not allow her to be there) and crossing the finish line was a whirlwind of emotions.

What to say in the end … during the moments of discouragement and effort I said to myself: “I will not do this race again, it is too hard!” Then the day I started asking for the date of the fourth edition because the Stone is forever and it gives you emotions that go beyond words.

Maurizio Provenzale

When I closed the door behind me, I knew that I would be back in any case differently: if I had succeeded in the venture – which I frankly hoped with my whole being – I would have moved my perception of my limits one step further and therefore I would have returned in a certain sense winner. I would have succeeded in the most arduous intent of my sports career up to that moment, a challenge on the physical, but above all mental level, out of the ordinary. Or rather, outside the general sense that people have of what is considered “normal”.

But the chances of succeeding were equal to those of coming out defeated. And defeat – alas – is a hard lesson for a sportsman to learn. Indeed, it is a hard lesson to learn, period. How would my consideration of myself have changed if I had failed after investing so much time and energy and thoughts in this venture? After I had spent the last 7 months training only for this event? Would I have been able to continue with the same enthusiasm as before? To participate in competitions – and in general to face the challenges of life – without the fear of not going all the way? Would I have put aside the healthy competitive spirit, the impetus to improve myself? Perhaps the lesson to be learned was precisely this: to admit the possibility of failure, without thereby feeling failed as an athlete and as a human being. Rationally you can understand it – even accept it – but inside you know that it would change everything and fight with everything yourself against this possibility.

I had crossed Stonebrixiaman a year and a half earlier, almost by mistake on the internet, where I saw the publicity of this extreme triathlon race over ironman distances and with gradients that at the time I considered simply insane. “It’s out of the question, it’s too much,” I thought. Until then I had only participated in a few Olympic triathlon competitions and run some marathons.

Absolutely honorable times, for heaven’s sake, but think of swimming for 3.8 km at night in the middle of Lake Iseo, then riding the bicycle for 175 km to the Gavia pass, passing through Aprica and Mortirolo and finally running a trail of 40 Km seemed absolutely out of my reach. Then, the following summer, at the seaside, I met a friend who enthusiastically told me that he had participated in this race. And so a worm began to make its way into my thoughts until, in January, I found myself registered. On the other hand, I had already experienced this same feeling many years before, when the group of friends with whom I swam had ventured into the swimming tour of Monte Isola: almost 9 km in the waters of Lake Iseo, which at the ‘epoch I just watched from the street, following with admiration mixed with envy the performances of my tankmates.

I remember thinking: “sooner or later I will too”, immediately putting that purpose in the drawer of “things-to-do-at least-once-in-a-lifetime”, along with many others. But then, when a few years later I found myself in the middle of the fray at the start of that same race, I realized that the distance between wanting to do and doing is only in the will, commitment and determination you put into it. I always thought that radical choices can never be taken gradually: maybe they mature within you for years, but then they suddenly manifest themselves, like lightning that pierces the sky. You suddenly understand that it’s time to do it and you do it. And so I decided to sign up for Stonebrixiaman. And to make sure I didn’t back down, I said it to practically everyone I knew: the die was cast, now you had to prepare!

The following months were spent all in all fast and punctuated by the rhythms of the workouts, which were getting longer and more and more tiring: it was now a fixed thought and all my days revolved around the preparation for the race. The weekends were organized according to the long bike ride and the double on Sunday. In short, I was looking forward to that day early. And that day soon came. I remember the emotion of the afternoon at the briefing, the heat, the sweat, the desire to leave, to do that damned first stroke. I remember the fear, the darkness, the people on the boat to get to the other side of Lake Iseo. I remember every single meter on my bike, every inch of the route, tried and tested and in any case always new. And I remember my friends, trusted adventure companions, who I will never be able to thank enough for accompanying me throughout the journey.

A journey that had started many months before, when we started, together, to ideally design the route and meeting points and logistics. And I remember the smiles, the jokes, the enthusiasm, even when, in the pouring rain of the Tonale Pass, dressed with everything we had, covered with black bags of garbage to try – vain enterprise – not to get wet, we were forced to stop at the last refreshment. The fear that they would stop the race, the sun, in the clouds. It starts again, the last climb to Heaven. Arrived! What an emotion, what an experience, what an irrepressible joy! Thanks friends, thanks for being travel companions. And thank you Stone Brixiaman, thank you for making me believe that I could have done it: yes, I did it!

Pasquale Mirabella

Introduction: I had followed the performance of my friend and fellow countryman Angelo who took part in the ICON of Livigno in 2017 arriving fifth (and fourth in 2018: chapeau). I thought that this was a type of triathlon that interested me: I’m not the type of races with 2500 participants, starting tuna, halfway points, circuits, a lot of asphalt etc. It must be something beautiful. Of course, the ICON was a bit tough for someone who didn’t know (and doesn’t know) to swim; but my eye had fallen on the Stonebrixiaman which in 2018 fell on the 7th of July, the date on which, however, my daughter Gaia decided to marry so nothing to do. Postponed to 2019. Registered. My friend Stefano is also registered, who does physical exercise for profession as well as for passion. And so we are up to us.

I try to learn to swim: not a simple undertaking to start at 55. Go out in open water few. Some Levanto-Bonassola, but never in a lake.

Some long bike rides, 270-280 km. And long in the mountains or mixed. In short, what you can, with constancy but without too much scientificity. In any case, it’s time. After preparing the logistics, the food (boiled potatoes, boiled eggs and salami sandwiches: no laughing.) And the bags we leave with Silvia, his wife.

At 13 we arrive in Sulzano; I collect the race pack and the envelope with everything I need except the bib number that is “officially” delivered to the briefing.

Having never done a triathlon race I have some problems with all the stickers: I don’t know where to stick them!

I look, imitate and ask, explaining that I have never done a triathlon and I don’t even know how to put the bike on the rack. All kind people patiently explain to me how to do it. Imagine in a triathlon with 2500 participants: unthinkable.

In the meantime, my friend Stefano arrives and performs the same operations with ease. He is retired in the camper.

The briefing is not in Sulzano but in Sale Marasino at 3 km. I had already told him that I did not give him a ride because I was sure it would have brought me mange and it was already quite difficult to know that I had him in the race together, but in the end I gave up. I was right of course! Good, that is bad but anyway … here we are at the bib delivery.

One of the organizers wishes me publicly (here …). But this too is done. With Silvia I reach the inn where we are staying. About 250 meters above Sulzano: wonderful location. My wife is happy, there is also the swimming pool and the window opens right on the piece of lake that I have to cross. Yes yes, beautiful but a disturbing hair from the “‘ sti c …. “series .

Spend the evening, lie down. Mica obviously sleeps also because a group of Bresciani cackles in dialect until midnight. 1.10 am I turn off the alarm before it rings at 1.30. I try to get out of retirement with my wife who takes me down to the car.

Gate closed even if the owner had told me “there is no problem, I will leave it open”. First sign of impending doom.

I wake him up, go down to the exchange area. I prepare what remains, I oil everything like canned tuna (in fact). They give us the buoys and we board the boat to take us to the other side: I look better at the “colleagues”: They are all tough.

We arrive. I stare at the church across the lake which is best seen from the lighthouse. While it is early in the morning I say an Angelus (perhaps a complete Rosary was needed: I will keep in mind). We get wet. We enter the water. The pier falls, I fall into the water and I hurt my shin (second sign of misfortune). Leftover doggie to dog stealing meters on meters (I am mezzucci I know). Street! Ten excited strokes. Breathlessness. Air. Land. I want the sun … maybe …

I just can’t get it under my head, I haven’t planned to swim in a black lake at night !! And I don’t even think of trying an improvised autogenic training. Keeping a little dog seems exaggerated to me. Animal change. I fall back on the frog rigorously with head out self-justifying me so “I see well where I go, arrival before them high-caliber athletes who swim without looking”.

In retrospect I think the pollution of the lake has affected my reasoning ability but I don’t know.

I also seem to be doing well even if the whole group is pointing towards Montisola and I am straight towards the church.

The dinghy of the divers joins me “all right?”, “You are just slow. What time is it? “,” Four thirty-six, go easy do it. Do you want a coffee? ” – ” no thanks”. I continue. Still the divers. “Is the water cold? “,” No no. What time is it? “,” Five-sixteen, you can do it but hurry up “,” ok thanks I hadn’t thought of that “. Dawns.

Miracle! I can put my head under a frog first and then a little in style. That house on the shore never comes, it takes me a century to pass it. Current and a hair of wind, just what was really missing. That’s why they went below the coast: it is more sheltered.

I bend to the left towards Montisola. Arranco.

Last meters. Esco. Flash: Gravity, Sandra Bullock, at least 30/40 seconds to be able to stand.

There is Lucia, Stefano’s wife, waiting for me on the pier that says “Lele you have been very good, now the easier part starts for you” – thank goodness app Carpet, beep: 1 hour and 55 I think. A lightning! No more than 3 or four bikes. I change, I eat a boiled potato (but why then: never listen to Stefano and eat the boiled potatoes). I go out, put on the bike that has obviously been tampered with by Stefano: it doesn’t go, it is braked.

I go a few meters down to see which devilry besides the water he invented to slow me down. I spin the wheel: perfect!

Ah! then are the legs. Yes, I certainly never had two hours of frog. Destroyed legs. I pedal as I can. I am amazed to reach the first refreshment point that is still waiting for me. 3 hours pass, I am close to Edolo, the organizers and Alberto accompany me, my companion arrived from Lissone; I have it stopped and disassembled the prostheses, they weigh and are no longer needed anyway (I should put them on the prosthesis). But here’s a surprise: let’s go to Corteno Golgi! You should know that to the left of the highway there is another road that connects Edolo to Aprica via Corteno. You see the road that goes up and your road does not: completely flat. And the state highway goes up again, and you start thinking about the worst that comes: continuous tears at 20%. It’s beautiful with my legs. I pass a colleague. San Pietro in Aprica, turn right uphill to Trivigno. And here for the first time I am joined by the latest spare bike. Of course because as they retreated behind I remained the last. Retired over 65 years, mustache, ride a scooter with shoes I do not understand well if anti-accident or motorcyclist. “Hi, you’re tired eh, you’re the last”, ” … how can I be the last if I passed one in Corteno? However your presence is disturbing, do you really have to be near here? “,” Retired the one behind; at least I think … “wrommm and disappears for a while. Returns: “Now you are even more last! But in front there is one at 100 meters, if you pass it you are no longer last “

As if to say: threats hidden behind pearls of wisdom. I pass the Alpe Trivigno and continue towards Mortirolo. I hear a scooter noise: he is: “Hi, but you are not going to climb the Gavia, in my opinion you cannot do it.” Me: “I already told you that you are disturbing, but must you also bring mange? Does Stefano send you? ” – Ah, this motivation was missing. Fortunately, a little further on I pass two of them, one exhausted on the ground and the other there to give up. I am no longer the last! Descent from Mortirolo and ascent to Ponte. I meet my wife waiting for me after Monno: I stop just 30 seconds. But by now it’s late arrival in Ponte at 13.30 about 90 minutes off the table; I begin to climb the Gavia. I know I won’t be able to do it at the last gate of 9pm but … amen. The Gavia is notoriously tough, but after the frog it is exhausting. Gallery. About 2 km more and I’m up. “Up is full of dumpling” screams one who goes down. Oh hell I have to make other bad figures … No, let’s hope not … I touch the Gavia, no dumplings but a nice organizer who only has 2 bottles of water. I go down (very nice ?). Arrival in Ponte at around 4.30 pm allotment at 4.45 pm. It rises with tears even durelli. I understand even more clearly that the 9pm gate is impossible but I continue.

Villa Da Legno: I find wife and companion, Alberto who starts trotting with me. Dense clouds. I don’t know why but they remind me of Igor, that of Frankenstein Junior: in fact, in order not to miss anything, it starts to rain torrentially for 2 hours. We arrive in Ponte after 21 km at 7.45 pm: 3 hours for 21 km with more than 1000 meters in altitude under 2 hours of thunderstorm having overcome 6 of them is not bad, but useless. I will never arrive at Tonale at 9 pm. It was enough to arrive 20 minutes before and I could do it. I withdraw and stop. Error!! I had to continue I would have been at the top of the 23 out of the race, but who cares. The gate that became the target stole me. But the target was the Paradise step not the gate. I’m an idiot. Igor still reminds me: “if fate is against you and your success is missed, stop making castles in the air and go crying on ….” However, fate has little to do with it, I was not lucid enough, the gate fooled me. Shower, pizza with Alberto and Silvia and nanna (read more than bed, at 4.50 am already up to read). I learned a lot. To learn you must also (perhaps above all) fail (dura lex sed lex). Target for next year: to be in the top 20. I have already started swimming in the lakes at night and Stefano with cabbage who will bring it back to the briefing !! Do not turn off the light of the Church: it is very useful.

Emanuele Colombo

Of course I share my emotions with you, now I feel part of this extended family of “Stonati” ?It is not much that I practice triathlon, I signed up last year almost as a joke and I only did two Olympics, Caldaro and Iseo and this year I signed up for this “race”. And, at the time of registration, the only thing I asked myself was: will I be ready? Will I ever be ready for such a monstrosity? And, at the time, I kept answering “I hope and I think so” because I will train adequately respecting absolutely my body that for 35 years has already been operated too many times!

But, the day of the race I understood that apart from wondering if we are “prepared” in my opinion we must also ask ourselves if we are “ready”. Perhaps, as I had confided to my precious teammates a few months ago, the exceptional nature of a long-distance event removes the dust of boredom and habit and restores all the liveliness of Life. This is why perhaps we are so attracted to it. That is at least it was like that for me! Because a Full distance, mostly extreme, in my opinion is not a race. It is a journey. And like any self-respecting trip it is also a metaphor. The fact of preparing, understanding what to carry with you, understanding that the choices you make in the name of training will inevitably leave you behind other things. Maybe a short journey leaves our roots intact, while a long journey leads us to eradicate them for who knows what other destination, even to understand that getting away from one place or approaching another place has all those little subtle implications made of memories, thoughts , because traveling is also a way to escape from the heaviest thoughts to chase the lightest thoughts.

It was inevitable for me to be faced with crises during the Stone, a very heavy one after the Gavia tunnel which forced me to take a prolonged and unplanned break at the halfway point before starting the descent again, and one when I was overtaken in the run phase from the second woman after I was in the lead from the whole race, but I am still convinced that it was precisely that crisis there that gave me back value because it was only when I was in crisis that I came into contact with the essential value that that “race” had for me.

It was at that moment that I had to remember that that crisis was also offering me an opportunity for change and it was up to me not to lose it. It is precisely in the ascent that the hope of not retreating, of gritting one’s teeth and contesting all the criticisms and abuses received, is contained in a thousand pieces. I was unable to recover the lead of the race but it went well.

Elena is a great athlete of immense experience and it was nice to compare myself with her.

I repeat, I have been in this fantastic world of triathlon for too little to have an adequate overview, but always metaphorically speaking what interests me is not the destination, but who will I load with me, what luggage will I carry, with whom will I share this trip and that you will have the intention to cross. That if it is also true that we will always end up there, at least I will have the opportunity to organize the trip to make it as pleasant as possible. And races like Stone are exactly the kind of experience that makes you understand how wonderful life is. And even more wonderful was the fact of sharing this experience with the people I love, one above all my sister Gemma, and all my immense, special, unique and wonderful teammates without whom I would never have been able to touch Heaven .
Thank you.

Sara Tanghetti

I entered StoneBrixiaMan because it seemed to me a really good test with yourself. Every time I take part in a triathlon (long basic) I do it not so much for challenge, competition and more but mainly to get to know my body, my mind and my spirit better and better, I feel so good. StoneBrixiaMan seemed ideal to me to deepen this knowledge. The departure at night is spectacular and makes you immediately understand that you are starting something unique. Adrenaline, tension, fear and concentration are taken to a new level. Adrenaline, tension, fear and concentration are taken to a new level. It is not easy to swim without reference points except a light at 3,881m, going off course due to the current is a moment, not seeing your adventure companions clearly makes you feel alone. But the water is spectacular, the silence is almost deafening and seeing the first light of dawn while swimming is beautiful. Get out of the water and start this 175km long climb, incredible places, crazy nature, spectacular views. At the top of Mortirolo, walk a thin ridge where you can see 360 ​​° crazy valleys, snowy peaks, woods with a variety of greens never seen before. You reach the top of the Gavia and it seems to be on the moon between rocks, snow, Black Lake and other wonders. The trail begins, you change your body movements, resume using your legs surrounded by nature, a beautiful, undulating path but without too hard jerks in the first part. I feel good, I run well, body-spirit-mind are happy but I make the mistake of leaving the backpack on the bridge to pick it up before the ascent of the Tonale. I’m at the 15th km, the downpour arrives, I’m in the middle of the woods, the temperature drops, I’m sweaty and I start to feel cold, cold cold. There is no need to continue, it is dangerous, I understand it and decide to return to Ponte by cutting the trail track. I run fast because I’m too cold, I go to Ponte, I arrive in the square, I leave the cip and GPS to the guys of the organization and I go to drink 1.5lt of hot tea at the bar, however happy and satisfied with what I have done, especially because I understand that you can close the StoneBrixiaMan. See you next year. [perfect organization, great attention and participation by all to motivate and encourage the participants]
Claudio Guella

I do my report #BEaHERO

Madness. The only thought that passed in the mind before it all began, and I’m not talking about the start line, but starting from the registration: yes, it’s really madness, but am I how I can do it? The follies attract me, they kidnap me and here a few months later I receive a t-shirt just to delight the palate and savor what it will be! STONE – BRIXIA – MAN, three words that mark the story of little men who challenge themselves to discover, to know, to understand even more how much nothing is actually unreachable if you only want it.

Training starts, the first pains here and there and the first blunders at work because, let’s face it, stonebrixia is in training, the race is just a great day of emotion where in the end you withdraw your beautiful degree in HEAD LEGS AND HEART at University of Madness. Time passes and the kilometers increase, the difference in altitude increases, the tanks increase, the food increases, something is changing; the body adapts and the mind is strengthened because actually to a certain only this can bring you to the bottom. Everything is going on, but you are missing 3 months, then you are missing 2 months and then shit is only one month away, and here the first dizziness not due to training begins, the first calculations the first but I will make it ??? Swimming in a lake in the dark (but are we crazy?). Pedaling up to Gavia after that hellish ride of almost only ascent ?? And then will it be a paradise or will it be hell? You do not sleep there at night and surely physical fatigue does not help, but what can you do this you have chosen and mo pedalaaaaa!

-7, -6, -5, madonna santa we are here -4, -3, everything is almost ready, -2 yes but me ?? – 1 … c’oooooo bib numbers .. all that are observed with admiration and a bit of enthusiasm / Anxiety of what will be! Briefing and they make you go on stage 870 Gritti Michele “ok it’s done, stay calm and go home to eat and sleep” – said done – pre-race meal and then sleep. Aleeee come on, you sleep, come on, sleep on, please sleep, tomorrow you have a long day, close your eyes and sleep, you can do it, please sleep 3, hours. 1:45 am DRINNNNN DRINNNNNN DRINNNN .. 5 seconds and you are already active! Never happened during the year, come on there is no time to waste: breakfast, replenish your water bottles and get ready at 2:30 opens the T1 (I must say that all in all I was quite organized).

I arrive at the departure and many people are already completing the preparations and I am going to complete them TIC TAC TIC TAC Time passes and the organizers call YOUNG HEROES SCIALUPPE, first ship sets sail and I wait for the second and at the same time reinforcements arrive from home, the squadron that will accompany me, if god only wants in all this immense Heroic day, last greetings last recommendations last photos and viaaaaaa .. salpaaaa!

Oh my god, here we go … GIVE DA KEEP GOING … Respiraaaa .. put on the cream and then the wetsuit … last snack and go to the other side of the lake … madonna if it’s longaaaaaa .. ok don’t think about it don’t look, in fact do so divide the stretch into 3 parts (ARRIVE IN MONTISOLA, PASSA MONTISOLA, ARRIVE IN SULZANO) ok ok I have to think one piece at a time … Madooooo madness … FROM THE BOYS THAT BEGINS THE ADVENTURE!

-10 -9 -8-7-6-5 -4 -3 -2-1 OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! First strokes seem to fly adrenaline to 1000! Come on, take the rhythm, cold water and hot water (and here I am thinking of a friend Matteo cold water push hot water scroll) OK I will do so! 1000 strokes and a look at where I’m going. Ok I am in line with Montisolia and I see the lighthouse, I am positioned quite well – okay so let’s go – just don’t take strange lines – stay straight!

Be first stretch gone! Montisola is there! Second as well, but now I want to go out, just water! Third stretch burned and I see the fires at the exit, still 100 meters, 50 seeeeeeee -1 … SWIM DONE!

I find my crew and the soul loads at 200 – but stay focused don’t make mistakes now.

I get undressed and get dressed and in a few minutes I find myself pedaling / drinking and eating on the GIANT BEaHERO – shit is fresh and I have nothing behind – I have everything in Trivigno – ok the only way to not be cold is to push – you know how – and how it goes. 10 15 30 45 ok there we are 50 mmmm what’s going on 55 aiaaaa something is wrong here … nooooo already in the tunnel of the first crisis ??? NOOOO, but I didn’t even start by bike – damn my legs lose power, the heart starts to suffer more and the lungs shrink – BLACK CRISIS and we haven’t even started the climb!

WHAT DO I DO ?! – think Michele think – OK DO THE THING YOU CAN BETTER SLOW, BUT DO NOT GIVE UP! DO NOT GIVE UP! Then in Trivigno we evaluate. An agony, you who do not go and the highs that pass over your ears, but ciaoooo still missing all the Apulia Mortirolo and Gavia. The specter of the retreat becomes more and more alive in me, it is almost more than a thought becomes .. no shit NOOOO rather I go until the broom takes me! 10 km / h and agonizing arrival at the crossroads at the Aprica pass, I find the crew and only to my brother I communicate my conditions and they are not good, but OK supports me and says: “SEE YOU IN TRIVIGNO DO NOT GIVE UP” “Damn you ! ” – I tell him, but one pedaling after another can go far.

15 km in Trivigno getting worse, but I don’t give up – come eat something, drink and breathe and ride! So I do for a good hour and then all of a sudden a glimmer of positivity. What happens?? Mica will be the end of the tunnel? DAI DAI arrival in Trivigno! Better than how I left. I eat and change now I have everything with me. The tunnel is almost gone and the legs start pushing again after 40 kilometers of agony. I practically enjoy Mortirolo great and now everything must be in preparation for the legendary ascent to Gavia. The descent to Monno I eat it (if it were a downhill race I would probably be among the first, too bad it’s the opposite here), I get to Ponte I refresh myself and away we start with the adventure 18 km of pure madness between HUGE MOUNTAINS AND HISTORICAL VALLEYS. Santa Apollonia, 1st round, 2nd round – “Mamma mia che toil” – here the tunnel starts again! 3 °, 4 °, 5 ° the air starts to miss the altitude begins to be felt and makes the pedal pressure even more heavy. Among the participants we make each other strength is the only thing that still remains, I’m almost finished, the energies are almost exhausted and I arrive at the Gavia tunnel. From the 3 km MAN only 3 km (think of everything you have done think of the past hours, only 3 km, as soon as I arrive I whistle at the refuge and I take a fresh coke and a chocolate (I can’t take more hot coke, bitter note on the refreshments) -2 -1, 500 meters … siiiiiii PASS GAVIAAAAAA incredible I did it! I don’t believe I did it! WAIT WAIT WAIT, Uncle Bel you still miss the gnarooo marathon …. UFFFFF … ok come on later pit stop at the refuge. Arrival in Ponte in a Pirati pit.

They are My Heroes who came to support me, my crew, my family. Crazy .. inside I’m very happy even if I can barely smile (I’m really very very very tired). I change and we leave (TEO brother support): “Teo I’m fruit, I can’t run” – “No problem man, let’s go calmly” – but the hand runs and the gates start to be heard.

After 2 hours we must necessarily increase. I have to do it the rhythm the more I can’t, a little I run, a little I walk, a little I drag myself and a little I stop. “Fuck me folded the bike!” Come on come on there is no time to waste! The sun beats strongly and the heat is felt, but threatening clouds are approaching on the horizon. SBAMMM thunder, it gets bad here. In Temù other supporters join the party (for them) mine plus an agony, but yes there we are almost in Ponte and the first 21 are gone. Drops here and there and in no time a storm hits us. I don’t know whether to be happy or not – true there is no heat anymore, but now everything becomes colder and heavier. A few minutes at the refreshment point in Ponte and the expedition towards Tonale starts (we are 5 TEO BRO, TEO CASATI, LEONIDA, ANDREA and IO) the climbs for Tonale attack and here the suffering really increases exponentially. I feel very debilitated and with everything I have eaten I am no longer able to ingest substances. “DO NOT GIVE UP” Rain, wind, cold, but it won’t spring!

I must admit a few tears for what was happening under the hood fell, tears hidden in a solitude accompanied by the friendship of the supporters who gave me an unexpected strength at that time, never in my life have I gone so far beyond the threshold of the fatigue, pain, persistence, NEVER!

WE ARE TONALE AND A GOOD 50 MINUTES BEFORE THE GATE! I even have time to change, TOPPPP soup, but what a show are you supporters, how would I have done without them ?!

“I have to get there, now I owe it to them” – “I can’t disappoint them” – even if in the eyes of my parents I read a DAI BASTA IS OK SO WE ARE PROUD OF YOU – Noooo not enough – paradise is what matters now! COME ON GIVE YOU STARTING! Last energies, last immense effort: 600 m. D + of pure madness! Even the weather is on our side. A spectacular sunset accompanies us on this last ascent, from 8 km, 4 easy 4 strong, slowly the darkness falls and the fronts light up in front of us! The increasingly breathless breath, the increasingly heavy, ever shorter stride. “MAN I SEE DOUBLE” – I say to my brother – “I HAVE BALORDONS, I’m exhausted, this thing is a MADNESS” – “Eat something” – he says – “Enough pode more I say” But let’s go this paradise is becoming hell , but 4000 steps won’t stop me. ALWAYS MISSING LESS, ALWAYS LESS STEPS, DAI DAI misses little step. Come on and then you friends, voices of other brothers of other pirates who incite me from afar and my mother what makes the head when it starts, almost everything is reborn: PARADISOOOOOOOOO PASS … I don’t believe it .. I haven’t arrived yet and I start to embrace all of them, those who come around me, lake, blue carpet, 30 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters, ONE FOLLIAAAAAA an immense FOLLIAAAAAAA! A madness born as a game, but ended as a life experience! From experiences you learn for better or for worse, you learn to suffer, you learn to rejoice, you learn to listen to the silence within yourself and the cackling of people who love you. You learn to observe and to be grateful, grateful for what you have, for what you have done but above all for what you are: FUCKED, and above all CRAZY STONEBRIXIAMAN

HISTORY of a little man who believed himself a HERO.

So many writing errors, I don’t even reread it. I wrote it on tape as I was trying to bring as many emotions as possible to what was a crazy day.

a big hug


Michele Gritti

I had been waiting for this “adventure” for a year.

A year because the last edition I was not able to pass the Tonale gate for 50 ″.

This year I came back more determined than ever.

I managed the swimming well but I pushed the bike to go earlier than last year’s time table (it was printed on the bike handlebar).

Already in Edolo I was 40 minutes ahead, Trivigno 50 minutes, Ponte di Legno an hour and 20 minutes. Little by little I realized that this year I would be able to finish it. And the more I understood, the more I got excited.

Once I left the bike, I was left with “only” the last fraction.

This advantage of mine had given me physical but above all mental energies, the fact is that the first lap run, up to the second passage from Ponte, still had a good margin.

The Tonale gate was no longer a problem.

I was very happy, my chest tightened with emotion. Once the Tonale had passed, there was only one thing left to do. Climb to Heaven. The euphoria of the passage to the gate had given me new energy. The arrival was getting closer. Once arrived in Paradise I as accompanied by a beautiful hug with my supporters, the mixed effort and emotion made me moved. I thank my supporters, my brother Nicola (who accompanied me throughout the run), my son Riccardo and my mother.

Mauro Corsini

I am a non-finisher, unfortunately.

I had a problem from the 26/27 km up to the gate at Tonale due to the storm, I had to stop for hypothermia, body temperature below 34 °, 1h and 30. Inside the ambulance; and I was 14th overall.

But let’s speak about the race.

This was the third year that I wanted to do the Stonebrixiaman and thanks God I managed to be on the starting line.

Compared to the usual races the previous days I did not experience them anxiously, not because I snubbed the Stonebrixiaman, but only because this is not a race, but a challenge with ourselves and there was no obsession for performance; I had the certainty of having training in my legs, hours of sacrifice that actually calling it a sacrifice is not fair, since for us it is a lifestyle, and I wanted to enjoy every single fraction. Which I did.

I am not a writer so I do not go on, I risk being boring, but I can tell you that the Stonebrixiaman is a fantastic race and if there had not been a storm, today I would tell another race, however I do you congratulations for everything and we are already planning for next year.

See you next year


Daniele Pierucci

I would say that my adventure went well, the long journey from registration to the race went smoothly between training sessions on the three sports, tables that I managed mainly with the bike, and races in preparation for this great event.

Satisfied because the efforts were rewarded in the end.

To tell the truth, anxiety has always kept me company, and perhaps this has given me the power to challenge myself, because this is a race different from all the others, you start and it’s so long that you don’t think about arrival, but it is managed step by step.

Starting from swimming with adrenaline I was calm, without anxiety and negative thoughts, this fraction had to go well, and so it was, from the first stroke I was sure, and until the arrival of the legendary lighthouse I swam trying to follow the straight direction. At the exit I was happy, my husband Marco who did not register this year, and followed me by bike and supported by Tonale, was there to wait for me and loaded me for the bike fraction.

Beautiful the context of the landscapes on the lake early in the morning, positive feelings until around 40km I see my dad cheering me on, I knew nothing of his arrival, so tears and adrenaline to continue. Then the climbs are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and beyond the race you appreciate everything that also keeps you company, you say bye with the other athletes in the race, you are overcome and you overcome, it almost seems to know each other, effort but does not give up, in Ponte di Legno my daughter was also there, I could not disappoint, like my team friends who cheered.

To Gavia. Endless climb, and the last 3 km never end, they clench their teeth because you know that the summit is there, but you suffer. Your feet hurt and you can’t stand in the saddle anymore, then absurd things are said but that’s fine, GAVIA quickly reached snack and down with the desire to change sport.

Finally we run !!!!

At the exchange they told me that the first woman was 10 ′ ahead, not many but with the whole climb they seem infinite.

But at the moment I only thought of finishing.

Even if agonistically the legs wanted to go.

When you could run, between a trail and a vertical path, I didn’t waste time, and after 1h30 ‘I reached the 1st woman, so I didn’t have to give up anymore.

Too bad that at the end of the first half of the return to Ponte the storm broke out, so immediately cold and start freezing.

Having the backpack next to me I covered myself, but the cold did not give up, the thermal blanket helped me against the wind, rain and at Tonale, after a total change of clothing and with Marco at my side, we started off great, running as long as possible.

Here too the hardest stretch, where you need your head in addition to training, is at the end, you feel tired and you can’t see the finish line, but it’s there.

He holds on, relies on the supporter, and then the shouts of those waiting up there.

Emotion, tears, joy…. It’s over!!!

I took my revenge, thank you all … Marco you were great !!!!

Elena Marocchi


  1. Lightness
  2. Simplicity
  3. Curiosity
  4. Resilience

If you have a little faith then it is what helps to mix everything!

It’s a paradox, but in fact the last thing that comes to mind when I think of the “STONEBRIXIAMAN EXTREME TRIATHLON 2019” is the ingredient “organic resistance”, however necessary to make almost 18 hours of race.

The more difficult things are the more you need to be trained from a spirit point of view: for the distance – 3.8 km of swimming – 175 km by bicycle – 40 km of running, altitude – almost 7000 meters in altitude, the unexpected – like when the storm arrived at Passo del Tonale which caused the temperature to drop from 35 ° to 5 ° and, starting to shiver, while the last ascent to “Paradiso” was still missing, I had to choose to swear or, as suggested by my son-in-law supporter, think “you have sins to expiate”, thus opening a different look at what was happening.

I strongly recommend, even to those equipped from a mental and spiritual point of view, to arrive at an appointment so after several years in which, in all possible and imaginable sauces, what I love to call “the aerobic pillow” has grown ”To lean on comfortably while you are struggling.

The daily habit of using this ingenious engine that we have, even at unlikely times (the swimming fraction, which starts at 4.00 in the morning crossing Lake Iseo, touching Montisola until reaching Sulzano, following “the light “) is a fundamental condition for having a chance to get to the bottom.

Another necessary conditional capacity with which you need to have confidence is muscle strength: in some ramps of the bicycle course with slopes close to 16%, or in the last stretch of ascent on an alpine path to reach the 2600 meters altitude of the Passo Paradiso, the strength of the extenders that make the center of gravity rise centimeter after centimeter.

During the climb I thought about the steps and the burpees jump made in the winter evenings in the Tabata training sessions on Monday, the core stability exercises and those of muscle toning.

I don’t know if I explained myself well, but I think you understand: lightness does not mean superficiality.

So the preparation for an appointment like the extreme triathlon starts from far away.

To tell about details of a race that for me lasted just under 18 hours, there are many.

Even before the race, when the speaker announces at the bib ceremony, “There is one among you who will make his triathlon debut tomorrow!”

And who could it be? Virtus’ adventurer Lele (of course applause on the open scene). The beauty of the sky which, while swimming towards Sulzano, lightened and gave light to the mountains and villages on the shores of the lake, the gaze of understanding with the Madonna della Ceriola the Sanctuary at the top of Montisola.

The ridge that leads from Trivigno to the Mortirolo pass with a breathtaking view between Val Camonica and Valtellina. The “ugly beast” of the Gavia Pass that seems to never end, with the semi-dark tunnel inside which negative thoughts emerge violently and you can’t wait to put your head out. The food strategies studied at the table with the appointment with the miraculous bottle contain chia seeds, water and lemon juice (the Taraumara teach!) Boiled potatoes and boiled egg.

When you finally get off the bicycle and think: the most is done, trying not to think about the altitude graph of the course of the race. The colors of the sunset after the storm on the last ascent. The discreet company of Berny, the son-in-law supporter, in the last hours of the trip. The worried looks of Lucia, my wife, especially at Passo Tonale. Francesco’s “Go, Daddy!'” and Emma’s five, two of the four children who accompanied me on this day.

The strength that comes from knowing that someone is waiting for you upon arrival. The friends at home that you somehow bring with you, especially those who are really suffering (and not struggling like me).

P.S. for friends of the Virtus Triathlon:

The road has been opened. Now it’s your turn!!!

Stefano Rognoni

The journey begins on 08.31.2018. Unforgettable day that did not go as I hoped and returning from Livigno I kept telling myself: “Don’t backslide, don’t backslide, don’t backslide…”

Autumn 2018. Opening of pre-registration for StoneBrixiaMan. The pre-registration is finally open.

In the evening, sheltered from Roberta’s eyes, I check and I see that there are only 50 left, but I don’t fall back on it.

The next morning I wait for Roberta to go to work and check again, but only out of curiosity.

“I wonder if the available places have already run out.” – I wondered – “There are 5 left!”

And how can you resist?

Signed up.

Then we will manage the rest, but now accept the challenge, which Roberta is happy to know that I am busy; with the story of the training I’m not buzzing around it all the time.

I’ve always liked challenges, of any kind: work, sports …

I have always accepted them even if they sometimes produce disappointments, difficult to heal. I never accepted them out of vanity.

Mariano Bruni still remembers when he hired me. He showed me the map of Veneto and asked me to highlight the limits within which I would have been willing to go every day to work. I replied if he had the map of Europe.

The challenges. I’m fine when I train for the challenge, months and months to try and get ready for the “one shot” appointment:

Either go or not go. And no matter how prepared you are, there is always the fear of not being able to do it or something going wrong.

The days pass and the workouts are getting tougher. Little time for the rest.

Many appointments to finish the preparation: Half Ironman of Mugello, Colli marathon (TCE) and much more.

July 6th, 2019.

Here we are. Departure. It is early. It is very early. It is 01.30 and I wake up to put something in my stomach.

I wake up – “…. who has ever slept?” – My angels also wake up and will have the task of supporting me throughout the day.

You go to the exchange area for the usual vehicle verification activities and to prepare for departure.

Along the way we smile at the fact that the locals are still full of people who are still having dinner while we have just got up. And yawn.

S as Scalabrini Paolo. In 2000, when I entered this crazy world, he was the coach of the PDTRI. Paolo had the merit of bringing the verb: the training went from a method to free style and fantasy and a strictly scientific art. Ironman. The results were not long in coming with national podiums and qualifying. Demanding, when you need uncompromising, determined.

At the end of March he begins to woo him to be able to enter his stable.

Without hesitation he decided to give me a hand in an attempt to be able to get me the challenge and after examining the workouts carried out until then he said: “Like a Pro! You have to drop the loads otherwise you don’t get to the race: what did you understand? “

From then on only tables with a reason, the balance in costs and above all a mental coach who knew how to keep me on the rails of balance. The coach was there when all the rain that is falling in May I was afraid of not being able to prepare properly. The coach was there when the inflammation in the anterior tibial stopped me three weeks behind the race. I would never have overcome it without its resolve. A couple of infiltrations from dr. Marcellini at the Sports Medical Center of Ferrara and here I am like new. Almost. And then advice, lots of advice, to me that I have done around the world, each of us thinks we know, thinks we know, hopes to know, takes the lead in knowing, but there is always something to update. Leave it to who knows!

3.20 am on the boat that takes us to the opposite shore of Lake Iseo in pitch darkness. I watch the lake shore go further and further and repeat the usual questions of each race, among all: with ‘I’m dark how will I understand which way to go? Here too, as in Livigno, each of the 107 athletes has a luminous floating buoy, to make recovery of the body easier, just in case.

With this note of positivity we finally arrive on the opposite side of the lake. It makes me sick to the idea of ​​going back to swimming. I could pay for a ride on the boat, but off you go! Dive, the arms start to turn. Keep calm. Keep calm. You don’t win anything in the first hour, the counts are made at the gate at Passo Tonale: either you get there in 17 hours or you’re out of competition.

I can’t describe the sense of peace and serenity that I felt while swimming. The darkness does not frighten me, the water is warm and in the distance you can see the lights of the arrival of the swimming fraction, but in front of me no bright buoys of the other athletes. Holy cow I know I’m doing something wrong. The doubt until the end: “Didn’t I go to the competition field of another sporting event?”

After 1h and 8 ‘I arrive on the ascent ramp and, I can’t believe it, they are all there.

There are a lot of people, an applause starts, I turn around to see if there is someone important behind me: “Fuck, but they are applauding me!” – I think.

I am eighth and I run in ZC where I never happened to see all the bicycles still in the racks.

“Shining” or “Edward Scissorhands” version Virna runs after me with a pair of scissors. She does it with a noble intent: she has to cut the lanyard that secures the luminous buoy to my body, it makes me laugh, she almost looks like an angry wife who wants to cut the attributes of her husband.

The mantra of the day is: save your energy for the final part.

There will come a time when there will be the Mortirolo pass, the Gavia pass and the Tonale pass.

If everything is ok you will have the “luck” ? to finish on the top of the Passo del Paradiso.

In all they will be over 7000mt in altitude.

The annoying thing: the worm of the day will be the “cut off” or, in Italian, the time gates.

A continuous run-up. 2 hours for swimming (and that’s fine); 11 for the bike (and in short) and 4 for the race (‘sti cazzi).

If you are in it you reach the top, otherwise you go home.

W In the sense of double V. In the sense of Virna and Vason. First Lady and President of the PDTRI. If needed, this was yet another testimony to their greatness. Given how it had ended in Livigno, this year I did not have the courage to ask for their availability again, I would have been disappointed to disappoint them again and in fact, they proposed to them. Thank you. All of this reassures me because now I know that I will be able to dedicate myself completely and exclusively to preparation. All the logistical aspects if they will syrup them avoiding unnecessary stress.

M for May. My dog ​​is staying home this year.

R as Roberta. And who leaves it at home? Come on. There is always room for you. A fortiori this year after a celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary “in the air”. Yes, because we have lemonade everywhere. With my feet on the ground, under water, the third element was missing: the air. And so on the same day of June 18 we shot ourselves a flight on the ZipLine on Lake Maggiore (on a steel cable stretched between two peaks) and an experience at the Aerogravity in Milan where powerful fans allow you to simulate the launch from an airplane . Pure adrenaline and the crowning of a dream. Now yes, we have lemonade everywhere. In reality, the fourth element, the fire, would be missing, but if possible we will gladly do without it.

And we leave for the 177km of bike with 4700m of altitude difference. The first 70Km seem flat, but they are a continuous ascension that leads to Edolo.

From here the adventure begins. Ascent to the Aprica pass with decidedly important slopes. Vas at the helm of the flagship continues to rub to overcome the climbs, or perhaps because he is not “xe bon de Driving”.

Ascent to Mortirolo: I’m fine and everything is so easy. The coach said to me “woe to exceed 190watts” and I am always under that number that I keep fixing on the computer. That number three weeks earlier allowed me to finish the Sportfull with ease (GF of 210km with 5300mt).

Finally the descent. Down at Monno at breakneck speed. I overcome everything and everyone. Even the car of the legendary Max Rovatti, organizer of the event, who makes a start as soon as he perceives that they are on the appendages with his hands away from the brakes.

I’m going to 79Km / h, he yells at me: “You are crazyyyyyyy!”

Record time: down in 15 minutes flat!

At least twenty minutes pass and Max’s car comes close to me, the window comes down and down the flesh: “We ran like crazy to get you, you are crazy!”

A smile of circumstance and a sign that everything is fine.

C as CRI. Cristina Giordano. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to. Sweet and dear triathlete of the Padova Triathlon of the first decade of 2000, such a beautiful person both inside and out, he fought the same bastard who hit my daughter Rossella. They comforted each other and her happiness in knowing that Rossella had won unfortunately did not broom with our joy of knowing the same for her. Today they were two with me to push me from up there in the most difficult moments: Cristina inside her Smart and the madman of Diego Brusauro with his green Crocs.

Passage in the center of Ponte di Legno before attacking the Gavia. I have 1h30 ‘advantage over the estimated time. I am happy because I will have so much time for the race, I can almost afford to do the marathon by whistling.

Gavia. 17Km that never give up. But I’m calm. The coach knew and made me fit the 34 that ingrate to the first difficulty and I keep until the end. You were right coach !!!! Wow if you were right !!! Spared legs. Needless to push and risk not having any for the ride. And you were also right on the subject of the appendices. I didn’t want to mount them. All uphill; they are of no use. But when you learn to use them even in false plans you understand that it was fortunate to have indulged you.

And instead. Instead, the problems begin. Diaphragm lock. Shortness of breath. Nooo.

I can not believe it. I try to go up. The legs are still perfect, but I have severe nausea. Weir on the asphalt and I take some time. It will pass I tell myself. Trudging I arrive at 4Km from the pass.

Come on then start the descent and then it’s over. I see the others passing me while I’m sitting like a junkie on the roadside with cars and motorbikes speeding by all the time. Everyone asks me how it goes and I broke my balls to answer: “I hope. I hope. In a little while it will pass. “In reality the only thing that passes is time.

An hour has passed and I have run out of liquids to drink. End.

The phone rings. The president: “Pull up on that ass. Ride your bike and pedal! Move! There are only 4 km. I am nothing, it is only a measure. Take off your shoes and walk with the bike by hand. “

You’re right Fabio, but I’m wrapped up. It almost makes me sick, I ride the bike. Descent. This time slowly.

I seem to see the faces of angels. Same as last year’s. I get down. Here she is. Virna. He had the thankless task of escorting me in the last 21 km. There is no way to run with the Italian champion of all the specialties invented by FITRI.

Here is Roberta. Here is Fabio. They huddle around me as if to protect me. Half tear. End.

But I’m happy. Really. Taking into account all the lost time, I made the bike (net of the last 4km) in 8 hours and 30. I would have been happy to close it in 10 hours.

I feel well to the point that we decide to go up on arrival. Initially it was thought to go on foot, but then the weather makes us lean towards the cable car. The first and second arrive in the middle of a storm with thunder and lightning. What champions!

As we go back to the hotel we see the procession of the athletes who are completing the ascent to the Passo del Tonale, we hope they will overcome the time gate. Heroes.

At home I go over the race and think. I think and think of the challenge that I like most to call travel. When it comes to challenge, factors come into play so that if you don’t win or if you don’t arrive, you are considered a failure. Traveling is another thing. You undertake the journey to satisfy your pleasure; it may end one way or another, but it is never a failure. Rather.

A big thank you to the whole organizational machine that allowed a sport day where everything went smoothly. I recommend: keep me a place for next year. I don’t miss it at all in the world, no matter how it turns out.

Massimo D’Antonio

STONEBRIXIAMAN is a super adventure.

What I like most about the EXtreme races’ formula is that you live an adventure with friends with whom you share unique moments. Established the fact that you experience the effort­­­­­ of the three disciplines as an individual test, but during the course and the race you are always in company.

The day starts with the alarm at 1:30, at that moment I sincerely wonder what I’m doing, but immediately afterwards we are in the water in Gallinara waiting for the start and then chasing the lighthouse of Sulzano and the lights of the tip of Mont’Isola that act as our direction. Once I got out of the water, I immediately feel the urge from my wife and my supporters and it is now a party, two beats, the gearbox and off you go on the pedals. Never force yourself to keep the energy necessary to finish the course and after the stretch of approach to the mountain, here we go up to Aprica and from here on a beautiful road towards Pian di Gembro Trivigno and Mortirolo.

During the bike the supporters help me, stop, give me to drink and eat and above all the exchange of jokes begins, in each of these races I imagine myself to be one of my mythical cyclists in a stage or in a famous race! Last year at the ICON along the bike section under the constant deluge I was Charly Gaul in the legendary stage of Monte Bondone, while this year at the Brixiaman, the supporters flank me by cheering me on and I say to him: “Today I am Pantani in Oropa!” And so the course goes smoothly even on the Gavia (more than Pantani I looked more like a marble cat).

Leaving the bike in Ponte di Legno, what I think is the most spectacular part of the race begins: the race on foot, a totally immersed in the mountains path with ups and downs. The first 10km are alone and I try to get the rhythm by wetting my head at each fountain with my hat, after 2Km Lu, my wife, joins me, seeing me smiling and joking as always, calms down. Another 10km in the company of ACP Andrea and here the unfortunate idea of ​​telling him on a climb: “Slow down!” – this exclamation will then cost me the mockery for the next 10 years.

Another 10Km with Lisso, here uphill towards Tonale we catch the storm and the air changes, he sacrifices himself in a shirt to give me a jacket and vest, the next day he will have 38.5° of fever.

Almost an hour for bad weather we stop at Tonale, but behind the peaks you can see the sun coming and with it the awareness of leaving and reaching Paradise! Parties, the last 8Km with BARBA Davide who, to the sound of speeches, accompanies me until the arrival; this part of the course, I must say, which is truly beautiful and evocative.

Finally here we are at the blue carpet and upon arrival, the satisfaction is immense as always, incitement hugs and smiles: this is our STONEBRIXIAMAN! An adventure lived with my supporters and those who have continued to follow me from home, a new lived experience, on which evenings of stories and laughter will follow! In a few years there will have been a monster on the lake by bike, pitfalls and chases and on foot Wolves and Bears, but what will never be lacking will be laughter and the desire to leave for another adventure!

Thanks to all the organizers!



Purtroppo è andata male nel senso che non sono riuscito a finire il percorso in bici per problemi ai cerchi nuovi che speravo mi portassero fortuna, ho forato 5 volte perché si è rotto il nastro che copre i raggi , sia della ruota anteriore che posteriore.
Nella frazione di nuoto c’è stato ,nei primi 15’ ,un pò di panico  per il buoi per il fiato corto il non riuscire a tenere il gruppo e quindi le nostre boe illuminate che mi davano una direzione e sicurezza. Ad un certo momento mi sono fermato pochi secondi calmato il respiro e individuato il faro di Sulzano ho ripreso a nuotare regolarmente fino a d arrivare alla prime luci di Montisola sulla sx poi a dx l’isoletta, in questo momento mi sentivo in piscina il sole stava nascendo e mi sentivo bene, poi Peschiera Maraglio ed il pensiero solo della traversata e sempre più luce ed il faro sempre più grande e rassicurante.
Uscito non mi sembrava vero, felicissimo .
La frazione in bici bella come la Nostra Valle Camonica sa essere poco traffico le montagne che si avvicina i paesi ,ormai dimenticati per la tangenziale, ma per noi ciclisti un paesaggio che incoraggia a pedalare pedalare .
Dopo 3 ore arrivo a Edolo dove si affianca a me un l’amico Roberto per sostenermi.
Poi l’incubo Santicolo, ma ero già con la testa al Gavia quindi non l’ho sentito, ovviamente al mio ritmo.
A Galleno l’incontro con mia Moglie Monica che mi sostiene sempre, un bacio e via per il mio viaggio.
Pian di Gembro dove qualche ora prima ero con la famiglia in vacanza a fare un piccolo-nic rilassante.
Trivigno scorre bene fino alla discesa supersonica di Monno.
Poi l’ingresso a Ponte di Legno emozionante vedere tante persone conosciute e non ad incitarti.
Purtroppo a -6 km dalla vetta del Gavia iniziano le mie disgrazie, dopo un ora a cambiare camere d’aria decido di ritirami e fare la discesa con le gomme buche.
Visto che io ed il mio accompagnatore a piedi Flavio abbiamo la l’Hotel al passo Tonale, decidiamo di partire a piedi per fare la seconda parte di percorso solo fino al cancello , quindi mentre lasciamo la valle delle Sozzine arriva anche un bel diluvio a rinfrescarci ma non ci scoraggiamo e proseguiamo mentre ci sorpassano i compagni d’avventura che sono ancora in gara, è bello incitarli e sostenere alcuni compagni di squadra.
Noi arriviamo in Hotel con l’Idea già al 2020 si perché voglio completarlo il mio viaggio verso il Paradiso.
Grazie a tutti Voi.
Marco Penna

La gara mi è piaciuta moltissimo e mi ha fatto provare emozioni mai provate prima nonostante il ritiro, ho fatto 102 gare di triathlon è la prima volta che mi ritiro, la gara che mi sono ritirato è stata a più bella.
Purtroppo alla mia età 59 anni non è facile con gli acciacchi e un ginocchio operato, ho voluto provare lo stesso sapevo della durezza e difficoltà dello Stone ma la mia testa dura ha voluto provar lo stesso,
Bellissima la partenza di notte, da delle emozioni mai provate prima, io non sono un grande nuotatore ma sono uscito alle 05.35 ed ero contentissimo, parto in bici faccio i tre passi mi sono trovato in difficoltà
sopra i 2000 m ai quali non sono abituato, nonostante tutto arrivo a Ponte di Legno alle 15:45 un ora e 15min prima del cancello, tutto felice parto per il trail ma già dopo 10 km mi sono reso conto che non sarei
mai arrivato al Tonale entro le 21:00 siamo arrivati a Ponte di Legno alle 20:00 io e il mio accompagnatore e ci siamo ritirati. Sono sincero anche se passavo il Tonale in tempo non sarei mai arrivato in cima al Paradiso entro la mezzanotte, La pioggia l’ha fatta diventare ancora più dura infatti della nostra spedizione delle marche eravamo in 6 solo 2 sono arrivati, Io sono andato lo stesso in cima al Paradiso ma con la cabinovia ad incitare
gli amici che sono arrivati in cima. Vorrei tanto riprovarci l’anno prossimo perchè la gara è unica e mi piace molto ma nelle mie condizioni attuali nel trail non riuscirò mai a passare il cancello del Tonale mi dispiace molto la gara la consiglio a tutti quelli che come me vogliono mettersi alla prova per scoprire il proprio limite, ciao a tutti soprattutto a quelli che non sono riusciti a prendere l’ambito sasso.
Walter Frudoni Agostini

Purtroppo la mia avventura non è finita proprio come avrei voluto …. Infatti per un guasto meccanico ho dovuto ritirarmi a 20km dalla fine della frazione bike. Comunque le sensazioni che ho provato sono state fantastiche il nuoto è spettacolare e il percorso bike duro ma paesaggi fantastici. I complimenti anche a voi per il gran lavoro che avete fatto. Ora non mi rimane di aspettare l’apertura delle preiscrizioni e iscrivermi per andare a prendermi quello che mi spetta.
Davide Mattei

Aprica, Mortirolo, Gavia… e ancora Valbione, Tonale, Paradiso, nomi che evocano gesta leggendarie di uomini mitici, ecco che a Gennaio si fa strada nella mia testa l’idea malsana di partecipare a questa impresa quasi impossibile: STONEBRIXIAMAN 4km a nuoto nel lago d’Iseo, 180km di montagne in bicicletta, 42km di trail in montagna.
E allora sotto con gli allenamenti (ma senza esagerare!) rulli e corsa per lo più, considerando che l’allenamento di nuoto prende troppo tempo e alla fine conta pochissimo, meglio concentrarsi sulla bici (180km 4700mt dislivello+) e sulla corsa (42Km trail 2350mt dislivello+): in aprile mi iscrivo.
Meno male che la base fisica è buona, perché gli impegni lavorativi e familiari, conditi da un mese di maggio impietoso sotto il profilo meteo non mi permettono un allenamento come si deve: concentro tutto nel mese di giugno con 4-5 uscite lunghe e le ascese più importanti della Brianza (Nesso, Ghisallo, ValCava, Sormano, Culmine di San Pietro) e corse in notturna nei boschi attorno a casa.
Ed eccomi qui, sulla barca che mi porta dall’altra parte del lago di Iseo, sono le 3.30 del mattino, io con la mia fidata muta (ormai segnata dal tempo e dalle battaglie), scambio qualche battuta con i vicini, tutti tesi: il lago nero ci aspetta per la nostra sfida, guarda bene la costa, controlla il percorso che costeggia l’isola, controlla il punto di arrivo e stai tranquillo che sei allenato. Più di così non potevi prepararti data la situazione.
Ore 4.00 Via! Parto piano, tanto so che arriverò tra gli ultimi, prevedo 1h25’ se va tutto bene, ma dopo una mezzoretta mi trovo da solo in questo lago, alzo la testa e non vedo più nessuno: dove siete finiti? Eppure mi pare di andare nella direzione corretta… dopo poco mi accorgo che non mi sto neanche avvicinando al punto di approdo, ma quanto è lontano?
E d’un tratto mi scontro con un altro concorrente: ma lo conosco è Valeriano di Camparada, andiamo assieme penso e lo saluto, lui si accorge che sono io (nonostante l’affanno, gli occhialini, il buio) proseguiamo.
Dai dai, fino alla fine, adesso albeggia un po’, si vede meglio e comincio a distinguere le lucine dei concorrenti là avanti, allora ci sono… approdo tranquillo, forse troppo, infatti controllo l’orologio 1h40’, minchia ho nuotato all’indietro! Meno male che non sono ultimissimo, ci sono ancora 6-7 bici in zona cambio.
Tolgo la muta veloce e sono già in sella… ovviamente mi si è rotta la lampo della maglietta bici e non riesco a chiuderla, prendo un po’ di freddo, ma ho Valeriano davanti e quindi (mantenendo sempre i 10mt di distanza- la scia è vietata!- ) tengo lui come riferimento, poi passo un po’ in testa io, intanto si sono fatte le 8 e la temperatura sta salendo.. ed eccoci a Corteno Golgi, qui la strada dovrebbe iniziare a salire dolcemente.
Le gambe non girano, forse ho preso freddo, non so, forse sono scarso, non ho mangiato abbastanza, non ho bevuto, non so, che casino qui sono al 70esimo km e sono alla frutta… ma come diavolo faccio a farmi tutte quelle montagne lassù?
Non faccio in tempo a piangermi addosso che mi si para innanzi uno strappo secco almeno al 12% corto si, ma duroduro, mi volto e vedo il mio socio arrancare… io attacco di petto, ci provo, e le gambe metro dopo metro si sciolgono e mi portano su, su, inizio a superare dei concorrenti ed altri ciclisti di varie nazionalità. Sguardo verso l’Aprica e via, saluto tutti e alè alè, piccoli uomini davanti ad una sfida più grande di noi.
Qui a destra, verso Trivigno si arriva poi al Mortirolo, è una salita più semplice rispetto alle altre due classiche da Mazzo o da Monno, ma comunque impegnativa, io la faccio agile tutta sui pedali (à la danceuse! Come disse il mio amico Jerome sul Ghisallo… io solo cosi riesco ad andare, ecchecipossofare?)
Arrivo sul passo Mortirolo ed ecco il buon vecchio amico Mec che mi fa una ripresa e mi insegue col pandino, riprendendomi mentre mi lancio in discesa, veloce ma non troppo… tengo famiglia!
Arrivo a Monno, bello rilassato ed adesso salita lunga al 4-5% fino a Ponte di Legno: passo a Vezza d’Oglio e mi ricordo che devo mangiare il mio secondo panino, ormai sono le 11 passate e sono in giro dalle 4. Mi sparo anche una barretta e bevo una borraccia intera, mannaggia questa salita “dolce” mi sta spaccando… riesco però a superare ancora un paio di concorrenti messi peggio di me ed ecco Temù, ci sono quasi!
In tabella di marcia perfetta arrivo verso le 12.30 a Ponte, mi ristoro un attimo ed alzo lo sguardo sulla grande montagna lassù, il Gavia! Un nome che evoca imprese memorabili, timore, rispetto, ansia… avanti vecchio che ti aspetta l’ultima fatica ciclistica, le gambe ci sono, la testa pure… speriamo di tenere sino alla fine
Affronto la salita come da manuale e come il video di Cassani con Chiappucci, visto mille volte durante le sessioni invernali sui rulli, mi suggeriva: parti tranquillo, le pendenze iniziali non sono impossibili e ti invitano a tirare, ma tu non farti ingolosire, dopo l’abitato di S. Apollonia la strada si stringe e le pendenze aumentano costantemente sopra il 10% poi all’uscita del bosco si riposa un po’, grazie ai tornanti, e infine alla galleria ritornano pendenze toste fino quasi all’arrivo.
E così seguo lo schema pensato e rivissuto a casa tutto l’inverno, e meno male che me l’ero studiata se no sarei rimasto anche io come quel ragazzo disteso a terra sul tornante, hey devo chiamare soccorsi? No no grazie provo a ripigliarmi, vai tu che ne hai, mi dice, e io vado: mi arrampico come formichina sul monte gigante, ma non mi fermo no, io non mi fermo, e no che non mi fermo non mi fermo, e no che non fermononmifermo… un moderno Jovanotti rivisitato per l’occasione, ed ora arriva una mini crisi, ho finito l’acqua e mi serve.. sono a più di 2.000 metri di altitudine e ho una sete bestiale, fa caldo qui, sono le13.30.Il sole non perdona, non c’è
una fontanella? Aiuto! Ma che culo, sento scrosciare una mini cascata accanto alla strada, è mia! Sarà buona? Ma chemifrega se non bevo qui ci lascio le penne… quanto è gelata e buona, non riesco quasi a berla, ma va giù mi dà forza, energia, ristoro, e allora ancora su e sono arrivato! Roba da matti, ce l’ho fatta…mi fermo? NEIN, ho già bevuto, posso andare giù e mangiucchiare qualcosa in discesa, VIAAAAA e mentre scendo vedo ancora concorrenti risalire, sguardi stralunati, mani avvinghiate sui manubri sudati, zigzagano sui tornanti: dai ragazzi alè alè è finita, siete forti daidai! In un batter d’occhio arrivo giù in zona cambio, ecco il Mec che mi fa riprese, l’amico dell’organizzazione Max mi dà del “rilassato” ed io in effetti sono tranquillo, adesso posso pensare all’ultima e più difficile frazione..
Parto soft, sono in orario sui cancelli di chiusura, vediamo un po’ com’è… corricchio un po’ ma dietro una curva in paese la strada si snoda salendo verso un pratone, meglio camminare. Mi godo il panorama ed una fonte fresca alla mia sinistra, che bello qui! Continuo a camminare, nei tratti in cui spiana corro un po’, le gambe tengono, evvai.
Ma subito dopo il pratone, la strada si impenna improvvisa e si inerpica nel bosco con una pendenza assurda, ahi! Crampo al vasto mediale, mi devo fermare, faccio due passi e il cramporitorna più tosto di prima, haihai avrò fatto 3 km di corsa al massimo e sono già in queste condizioni: che fare? Sono immobilizzato in mezzo a questa erta, non ho scampo, la gamba non mi regge, la tiro, riprovo un altro passo ma niente, parte un dolore lancinante. Bon, allora devo provare ad andare avanti come uno zoppo, cosa fanno gli zoppi? Usano le stampelle! Mannaggia i miei bastoncini da camminata sono su un cima al Tonale, ma che dico? Qui sono in un bosco, è pieno di stampelle! Cerco e trovo un bastone li vicino, e provo a camminare facendo forza con le braccia: sembra non funzionare… invece no! Funziona! Scarico tutto il peso sul bastone e la gamba destra si rilassa, meno male che sono ancora lucido e ho trovato questa bucolica soluzione. Io questo bastone non lo mollo più!!! Riesco ad inerpicarmi fino in cima questa collina, poi spiana e riesco anche a correre!! Vado avanti cosi, supero Temù e salgo verso Valbione in compagnia di 2 amici trovati sul percorso, non so i loro nomi ma i visi tirati me li ricordo bene, finchè arrivo di nuovo in città a Ponte dopo 22km, fiuuuu appena in tempo! Si aprono le cateratte del Cielo e viene giù un temporale come solo in montagna.
Mi riparo sotto il tendone e non mi bagno neanche un pochino: approfitto per rifocillarmi e aspettare che spiova, tanti mi passano davanti (saprò poi che molti saranno fermati in stato di ipotermia in cima), ma siete pazzi? Vi infradiciate per niente e con il sudore e la stanchezza vi fate male, tra 10 minuti vedrete che smette… ma niente ormai molti sono in trance agonistica e non mi sentono neanche più.
Smette di piovere, si va! Mancano una ventina di km sono le 18,20 e devo arrivare su al Tonale entro le 21 altrimenti mi fermano, vai ragazzo, trotterello in città su un tratto in dolce pendenza: arrivo sotto alla pista che dal Tonale scende a Ponte, alzo lo sguardo è ripidissima, ma io ho il mio fido bastone!!! E allora avanti, anzi ne trovo un altro e via come un viaggiatore d’altri tempi con i due bastoni a darmi una mano, arrivo così a Trivigno dove c’è il ristoro, mangio bevo, raggiungo un concorrente con il suo supporter (il mio – la mia collega Silvia- mi aspetta più su) e via di nuovo.Mentre cammino, comincio a pensare che al Tonale ci arrivo ma sono al pelo, quando ecco che vedo la Silvia li ferma ad aspettarmi… ma non mi vede? Sarà in trance agonistica (?), la chiamo Uè che fai, andiamo? Mi raggiunge e comincia a farmi foto e riprese, il Tonale è li dietro ce la facciamo di sicuro… io di sicuro so solo che se arrivano i crampi non vado da nessuna parte e dopo 13 ore di gara non voglio essere fermato! Vado avanti imperterrito, la Silvia lì accanto che mi assicura che siamo proprio vicini, ma a me pare che non si arrivi mai. Controllo l’orologio.
Sono le 20.15 quando arriviamo al cancello del Tonale, alè! 3 quarti d’ora di anticipo sul cancello finale, adesso me la prendo con calma, ci obbligano a cambiarci e vestirci pesanti (su ci sono 5 gradi e ragazzi arrivati in ipotermia), perdiamo una mezz’oretta e ripartiamo, mancano 8km circa sentiero di alta montagna, brrrr
Cammino a testa bassa, la Silvia dietro che fa un po’ di fatica, scarpe non adattissime ma le
uniche che riusciva a mettere oggi: ieri sera si è picchiata il mignolino contro la porta, ma si può??? Arriviamo ad una galleria, bisogna accendere le frontali, non si vede nulla e fuori è quasi buio ormai sono circa le 21.30, ma dove va questa strada? Guadiamo un torrente, saliamo su rocce, sassi che si spostano, il sentiero è segnato bene e lassù vedo le torce che si muovono, fantasmi di montagna alla ricerca del traguardo, che non arriva mai.
Ma le gambe vanno via bene, superiamo un concorrente che non ce la fa più, cerco di rincuorarlo non so se mi sente, barcolla un po’ non manca molto alè alè dai dai. Ecco una luce rossa e forte, prima attraversiamo la neve qui, i rigagnoli d’acqua là, eccoci alla luce e dopo una curva ecco il traguardo!!Sono le 22.50 ce l’abbiamo fatta, le gambe hanno retto, la testa pure, mi fa male tutto ma sono contento, ho dimostrato qualcosa? No, niente, sono solo contento di aver portato a termine una delle più belle gare che mi sia capitato di fare, lo sapevo che ce l’avrei fatta, ma solo abbracciando grandi sfide puoi conoscere te stesso ed i tuoi limiti…E per ora sono ancora felicemente Limitless!
Nicolò Zanetta

È stato per me un Avventura iniziata l’anno scorso quando per scherzo come tanti penso mi sono pre-iscritto.

Io faccio triathlon da due anni, ho 52 anni, e prima dello Stone avevo fatto solo due Olimpici (il primo a Sirmione nel 2018).

Ho un passato da piccolo scalatore, e quindi amo le sfide. Per questo poi ho deciso di provare ad allenarmi per lo Stone 2019, pensavo allo Stone come a scalare una Vetta.

Il primo Step è stato quindi iscriversi e iniziare ad allenarsi da Gennaio 2019.
Dovevo prima vedere se il fisico avrebbe tollerato la mole di allenamenti previsti.
Cosi è stato, ma il grosso lavoro oltre ad allenarsi ogni giorno è stato quello di gestire le piccole magagne del mio fisico: da menischi laterali mal ridotti a varie tendiniti. Ma ci sono riuscito.

La cosa più bella è stata vedere la mia costanza negli allenamenti. Ovviamente come tutti ricordo immediatamente il giorno della gara, ma i 6 mesi di allenamenti sono il patrimonio maggiore di questa esperienza: uscire di notte a correre il giorno di Pasqua, o i primi 150 km in Bici con oltre 3.000 metri bevuti tranquillamente, le nuotate in solitaria al Lago Sirio. Tuttoo bellissimo.

Dimenticavo, prima di iniziare tutto ciò ho chiesto permesso a mia moglie e figli, informandoli del progetto e del fatto che papà sarebbe stato assente tanto. in più il 6 Luglio è il compleanno di mio figlio! ma hanno capito, e l’8 eravamo a Gardaland 🙂

Il giorno della Gara è stato tutto unico, come esperienza, come gara, come incontri, come sensazioni.

Dopo 3 minuti della partenza di nuoto, non ero riuscito ancora a respirare, non ci riuscivo forse per un po’ di panico non so…fato sta che ho guardato la riva e mi sono detto se non riesci a nuotare nel prossimo minuto torno indietro. Poi ho trovato un corridoio ed ho iniziato a nuotare normalmente. Li è partito tutto, passo a passo.

Il mantra è stato Passo a Passo, Step by Step, e così ho fatto tutto, pensando più volte che non sarei arrivato in tempo ai cancelli, non pensavo ala stanchezza ma pensavo che ero troppo lento.

Il maltempo, la fatica, sono cose mie cose che sopporto e che mi piacciano quindi, iniziata la parte trail running, mi sono sentito bene.

Al Tonale il Dottore mi ha fermato perché tremavo come una foglia visto che sono arrivato li in Body da triathlon…poi mi sono ricoperto e ripartito con il mio amico/allenatore anche lui di nome Fabrizio. Mi ha dato una gran mano visto che ha fatto 4 Ironman, è stato un riferimento, ed era la prima volta che ne avevo uno, ho sempre fatto le mie piccole imprese da solo.

Infine la mia famiglia, che ad ogni incontro, mentre io pensavo va be sono in ritardo mi fermo, mi urlavano mi incoraggiavano senza possibilità di mollare 🙂 quindi io continuavo come una macchina 😉

Alla fine ho scoperto di esser arrivato 44° con una ultima frazione al Passo Paradiso davvero lenta ma bellissima, l’Alta montagna per me è liberta e lassù, insieme al Gavia ed agli scorci del Mortirolo verso la Valtellina, davvero mi sono sentito libero.

Grazie a voi per l’opportunità che mi avete dato.


STONEBRIXIAM una super avventura.
quello che mi piace di più della formula delle gare EXtreme è che vivi un avventura in compagnia di amici con cui condividi attimi unici.
Assodato il fatto che la fatica delle tre discipline la vivi come prova individuale, il percorso e la gara la vivi sempre in compagnia.
la giornrata inizia con la sveglia all’ 1:30, in quel momento mi chiedo sinceramente cosa stia facendo ma subito dopo eccoci in acqua a Gallinara in attesa dello start e poi a inseguire il faro di Sulzano e le luci della punta di Mont’Isola che ci fanno da direzione, uscito dall’acqua subito sento l’incitamento di mia moglie e dei miei supporter ed è subito festa, due battute il cambio e via sui pedali, qui mai forzare per tenere le energie necessarie a terminare il percorso e dopo il tratto di avvicinamento alla montagna eccoci salire all’Aprica e da qui su una strada stupenda verso Pian di Gembro Trivigno e Mortirolo, durante la bici i supporter mi affiancano si fermano mi danno da bere e mangiare e soprattuto comincia lo scambio di battute,in ognuna di queste gare mi figuro di essere uno dei miei miti cilcisti in una tappa o in una gara famosa….lo scorso ano all’ICON lungo il tratto in bici sotto il costante diluvio ero Charly Gaul nella leggendaria tappa del monte Bondone, mentre quest’anno al Brixiaman , mi affiancano i supporter incitandomi e gli dico…. oggi sono Pantani a Oropa e così il percorso fila liscio anche sul Gavia…più che Pantani assomigliavo di più a un gatto di marmo….
lasciata la bici a Ponte di legno, inizia quella che secondo me è la parte più spettacolare della gara la corsa a piedi, un percorso totalmente immerso nei monti con salite e discese, i primi 10k sono solo e cerco il ritmo bagnandomi la testa ad ogni fontana con il mio cappellino, poi 2K mi affianca Lu mia moglie che vedendomi sorridere e scherzare come sempre si tranquillizza, altri 10k in compagnia di ACP Andrea, e qui la malaugurata idea di dirgli su una salita ” rallenta” questa esclamazione mi costerà poi la presa in giro per i prossimi 10 anni…
altri 10K col Lisso, qui in salita verso Tonale prendiamo il temporale e l’aria cambia e lui si sacrifica in maglietta per darmi giacchino e gilet, il giorno dopo avrà 38,5° di febbre…
a Tonale ci fermano per brutto tempo quasi un ora ma dietro le cime si vede arrivare il sole e con esso la consapevolezza di partire e raggiungere il Paradiso…partiti gli ultimi 8K col BARBA Davide che a suon di discorsi e… non si può dire…. mi accompagna fino all’arrivo, questo parte del percorso devo dire che è veremnte bella e suggestiva…
Infine eccoci al tappeto blu e all’arrivo la soddisfazione è immensa come sempre, incitamento abbracci e sorrisi…..questo è il nostro STONEBRIXIAMAN un avventura vissuta con i miei supporter e chi da casa ha continuato a seguirmi….una nuova esperienza vissuta, su cui seguiranno serate di racconti e risate…tra qualche anno nel lago ci sarà stato un mostro in bici trabocchetti e inseguimenti e a piedi Lupi e Orsi….ma ciò che non mancherà mai saranno le risate e la voglia di ripartire per un altra avventura!
Grazie a tutti gli organizzatori!
Diego Mauri

Dopo più di una settimana dalla mia gara non riesco ancora a crederci. Una gara lunga , infinita oserei affermare , una gara che ti fa venire le lacrime agli occhi alla mattina prima della partenza per la tensione e te le fa tornare a Passo Paradiso quando oltrepassi la Finish line accolto da incitamenti e persone magnifiche del organizzazione che sono la per te fin dalle prime ore della notte del giorno prima per dare il meglio di loro stesse e farti sentire a “casa”.
I miei Xtreme Triathlon iniziano dopo aver smesso di correre dilettante in bici da strada e in seguito ad una gioventù dedicata al nuoto, tutto questo condito con un grande amore per lo sport e per la montagna. Dopo il mio Primo Xtreme a Livigno, ICON , ho scoperto Stonebrixiaman , location Favolosa , percorso bike e Run superlativi quindi ho deciso di iscrivermi e di affrontarlo , ne uscii vincente già nel 2018 e le emozioni , il contesto , le persone , …. Hanno fatto si che anche nel 2019 mi sono nuovamente riscritto alla gara ed ero la nella start list.
Nonostante sia stato il secondo Stone e il 4 xtri le paure , l’ ansia , i dubbi li avevo e li avevo tutti come la prima volta che mi presentai ad una gara del genere.
Il venerdi pomeriggio Briefing , apertura zona cambio e la fatidica Cerimonia della consegna pettorali dove capisci che mancano poche ore mentre scruti il tuo numero con attenzione e guardi gli avversari che alla fine si rivelano bellissime persone con cui trascorri bellissimi momenti e un viaggio lungo un giorno.
Il Race day non ha tardato ad arrivare e in men che non si dica mi trovai sul battello che mi portava alla sponda opposta, la sirena suonò e la gara ebbe inizio togliendomi tutte le paure che avevo, non appena uscii dal acqua trovai persone che applaudivano e che urlavano e mi dette una carica super, venni subito recuperato dal mio supporter pronto a tagliarmi la boa , aiutarmi a cambiarmi e mettermi in tempo zero sulla bici, mi alimentai e bevvi tantissimo ma la diarrea già uscita nei giorni prima non tardò ad arrivare , le fermate al bagno e le rincorse alle posizioni perse , militavo nelle alte posizioni della classifica generale fin che l’ ascesa al gavia sancì la sentenza , crampi , gambe vuote e sfinito , ma riuscii a fare il giro di boa e buttarmi giù in discesa arrivare a ponte di legno con un ottimo personale in bici , mangiai e iniziai la corsa , durissima , caldo , i dolori addominali , mi hanno fatto camminare tutta la prima parte di salita fino a trovare l inizio della discesa che portava a Temù , iniziai a correre , un cin mi ero ripreso ma non tardo ad arrivare la salita , bene la prima parte riuscii a correrla fino a che non usci dalla forestale e iniziai a salire per boschi per poi uscire nel prato e intravedere il ristoro che sanciva l inizio della discesa dopo poco, il temporale mi ha accompagnato fin da metà salita e la discesa molto scivolosa mi portò alla ciclabile per Ponte di Legno , il mio supporter congelato per aspettarmi sotto al diluvio mi inizio a correre a fianco e arrivammo al cancello orario in piazza , un grande Massimo Marabrese mi accolse con un abbraccio che voleva dire un infinità in quel momento di crisi , mi avviai alla salita della Tonalina , dura , l’ acqua , sempre più freddo sempre più sfinito , uscii dallo sterrato per attraversare la strada , la totale crisi , la testa scomparsa , non ricordavo dellla mia giacca da pioggia nello zainetto , non ricordavo quanto mancava e non capivo che ore erano , le gambe erano legni dopo la salita al freddo . In quel tratto , il più brutto sia fisicamente che psicologicamente dopo la ripida salita della pista da sci trovai un concorrente col suo supporter che mi aiutarono a farmi tornare lucido, li ringrazio ancora oggi senza di loro forse non sarei riuscito a farcela. Arrivai al Tonale , il passo paradiso era chiuso , il tempo era pessimo , poi la riapertura , la gioia , mi ripresi al caldo della macchia dopo essermi cambiato partimmo col mio supporter fin su , lunga eterna , la notte che oscurava la strada e il sentiero , i track che non funzionavano , non sapevamo quanto distava il traguardo , il crollo defininitivo ai -2km dalla vetta, basta voglio tornare giù sono sfinito, ma il mio supporter prese la situazione in mano mi costrinse passo dopo passo a continuare e alla fine intravedemmo la meta cosi ambita dalle 4:00 della mattina , ce l’ abbiamo fatta , ci siamo riusciti , quel traguardo , le lacrime , non riuscivo più a capire niente , entrai nel rifugio , l’ abbraccio e le parole di Max mi resteranno sempre nel cuore .
La domenica mattina alla premiazione la gioia continua , le emozioni continuano , la cerimonia della consegna della maglia da finisher è a dir poco stupenda senti di aver fatto qualcosa di pazzesco mentre tu non te ne sei rese conto , le foto e i saluti … Lo stone non è solo una gara è un viaggio dentro te stesso alla ricerca del tuo punto debole per superarlo , le emozioni , non si possono definire si deve farlo per poterlo capire , spiegarlo no basta !!…. GRAZIE DI TUTTO !!!!!

Partiamo dall’organizzazione che direi eccellente, almeno per la parte di gara che ho sviluppato, niente da dire se non complimenti a tutti Voi che avete contribuito, chi in prima fila chi dietro le quinte.


La mia gara, è durata “poco”, probabilmente non è un “viaggio” che ho preparato bene, non dal punto di vista fisico, ma soprattutto mentale.

Diciamo che è un evento già al limite delle mie possibilità, per rientrare nei “cancelli” avrebbe dovuto essere la gara “perfetta nella giornata perfetta”.

E’ iniziata bene con il nuoto, esperienza molto bella il nuoto notturno con il chiarore dell’alba che si sviluppa, colori che prendono “forma” luce che cresce, bello.

Il mio primo errore è stato non partire subito per il “viaggio” in solitario, mi sono accodato ad un altro partecipante cercando di sfruttare le sue doti migliori, ma di fatto rallentandomi, poi ho capito che facevo meglio da solo e li è iniziato il viaggio vero, effettivamente bastano poche bracciate e sei solo, (tanto che pensavo di essere l’ultimo) e li comincia la magia: le mani che entrano, le bolle che si accendono, il respiro, il silenzio, la riva che si avvicina con il frontale della chiesa illuminato. Bello.

Arrivo in ZC e scopro di avere una trentina di bici, quindi non ero “ultimo”, mi cambio dando spettacolo con le “partimolli” al vento, regalando qualche istante di ilarità ai presenti (bello far sorridere) ed esco velocemente.

In bici i primi km vanno bene, prendo qualche altro partecipante, mangio e probabilmente prendo freddo, al primo cavalcavia (Piancamuno credo) comincio ad avere problemi di annebbiamento della vista e forze che spariscono, i sintomi di una congestione, tiro avanti qualche km a fatica, mi superano parecchi, arrivo a Ceto entro in un bar e con una coca e del caffe “mi svuoto” e metto un po’ di ordine nelle frattaglie, da quel momento ho difficoltà ad alimentarmi, ai ristori prendo coca e acqua, riesco a tenere solo qualche gel, troppo poco per questo tipo di gara.

Arrivo comunque a Ponte per iniziare il Gavia, forse avrei potuto rientrare nel cancello delle 17, ma a fatica, ma soprattutto ero piuttosto debilitato e il piacere della fatica si era tramutato in poco piacere e molta fatica. A quel punto mancava poco alla cime del gavia, mi sono ritirato.

Ci riprovo? Non lo so sicuramente è una gara particolare, ho già fatto diverse gare su distanza Iron, ma questa necessita di più tempo e quindi va valutata anche in un’ottica di “famiglia e lavoro”. Oltre a questo serve una determinazione particolare, devi avere “fame” per finirla.

Vediamo se arriverà questa “fame”.

La valuto comunque un’esperienza positiva.



Maurizio Zanforlin

Ecco le mie impressioni
Posto spettacolare
Gara spettacolare
Organizzazione ed organizzatori al top
Staff idem
Ristori ottimi forse un po’ più di varietà
Zona cambio perfettaBisogna prendere la mano con la logistica essendo la disposizione sacche borse in giro su più punti; per me la prima così lunga dura ed articolataNon l’ho finita dopo il Gavia le gambe non andavano ho retto 21 km e mi sono fermato a ponte
Unico amaro in bocca che ancora non va giùCiao!!
Davide Marchi

Voglio iniziare dalla fine. voglio dire grazie a tutti quelli che mi hanno accompagnato in questo viaggio. voglio dirvi grazie perché senza la stupenda squadra di persone di cui ero circondato,tutto questo non sarebbe stato lontanamente possibile.
Grazie a chi mi è stato vicino nella lunga e dura preparazione alla gara, grazie a chi questa gara me l’ha fatta preparare. Grazie a chi mi ha ascoltato nei momenti duri. Grazie a chi ha capito di doverci essere nel momento giusto.
Ho vissuto una delle giornate più travolgenti della mia vita. E’ stata lunga. Lunghissima. Estenuante. Nessuno è mai veramente preparato per fare una gara di 18 ore. Nessuno sa mai come e se potrà finire. I giorni precedenti alla gara sono stati durissimi, ma i dolori lancinanti che non mi hanno fatto dormire per una settimana, sono magicamente spariti alla sirena dello start.
I 4km di nuoto sono stati quasi mistici. Alle 4 di mattina, in quello specchio d’acqua che ammiro ogni sera nel tornare a casa e seguendo solo un faro.
Il giro in bici è di quelli che fai una volta ogni 3 anni, quando decidi di fare la mattata e spararti un Mortirolo Gavia A-R, per poi poter raccogliere kudos su Strava! Qui la squadra è stata di nuovo fondamentale. Non mi è mancato nulla. Ero seguito meglio di Nibali al Tour.
Inizio a godermi davvero quello che sta succedendo quando mi ritrovo da solo scendendo dal Gavia, ormai la bici è finita. La boa è stata aggirata. Il paradiso è più vicino.
Mi scappano le prime lacrime che si asciugano alla svelta, perché dal Gavia devi scendere a tuono e recuperare il tempo del panino mangiato sul passo.
Arrivo in piazza a Ponte. Quanta gente è li per me. Quante persone che ci tengono a farmi sentire il sostegno. Quanto conta tutto questo?
Tutto questo conta tutto.
Ormai lo sto facendo per me, e lo sto facendo per loro.
Iniziano gli ultimi 40km sulle gambe. Anche qui. Non ho un accompagnatore. Ho uno sherpa pronto a servire ogni mia necessità. Sento i primi crampi al decimo km ma tiriamo avanti. E’ ancora lunga. Al ventesimo km transitiamo a Ponte, ed ecco di nuovo i miei amici che mi aspettano. E’ stupendo. Ora gli Sherpa diventano 3 e partiamo per il Tonale. Il diluvio che ci assiste per 10 km è solo un piccolo contorno al dolore di gambe che ormai si fa sentire prepotentemente ma non potevo aspettarmi ciò che sarebbe arrivato da li a poco. Poco dopo le 19 raggiungiamo il cancello del Tonale e gli organizzatori sono costretti a fermarci per motivi di sicurezza. La tempesta al passo è impietosa e la parola IPOTERMIA riecheggia frequentemente nell’aria. Passano minuti. Ne passano 36. Sono ormai devastato, le mie gambe dopo 15 ore di gara si sono fermate al gelo per 36 minuti e questo mi ha distrutto. Arriva il via. Non ho una bella cera e non ci sono con la testa. Il dolore ormai è più forte di qualsiasi cosa tranne una. Devo arrivare la. Devo farlo perché sennò tutto questo non ha avuto senso. Devo compiere la mia missione perché oggi il fallimento non è contemplato.
Sono stati i 9km più duri della mia vita. Passo dopo passo pensavo solamente a quanti altri passi mancassero. La mia testa era legata al corpo solo da una cordina che il mio sherpa cercava di tenere annodata. Piango. Soffro. Piango ancora. Procedo. Non ne posso più ma devo andare avanti.
La gente che mi passa non mi interessa. Non è una gara, ormai è un viaggio che devo portare a termine e tutto il resto è contorno.
Vedo quella luce rossa che conosco bene, passata quella sono arrivato. Piango di nuovo.
Sono arrivato. È finita. È finita!! La mia missione era quella di arrivare al Paradiso. Per me. per quello che ho passato per tutto questo. Per i miei amici che mi stavano aspettando. Per quelli che mi hanno accompagnato. E per Giulia. La mia missione oggi eri tu. non potevo fermarmi, non con quelle che abbiamo passato per arrivare qui. Non per quello che avrebbe voluto dire il fallimento del tuo uomo. Ah, certo. Poi il fatto di chiederti la mano aveva la sua importanza!Il mio Stoneman, come quello di tanti altri, è stato un lungo viaggio alla ricerca di qualcosa che non stavo cercando. Forse avevo voglia di volermi male per riuscire a capire quanto davvero avrei potuto volermi bene .Non sono nessuno, ma nonostante tutto, oggi mi sento un nessuno che vale qualcosina in più.Ancora una volta grazie a tutti voi che ci siete stati e che avete aiutato un giovane ragazzo di campagna a compiere qualcosa che sarà orgoglioso di poter raccontare ai suoi figli <3
Stefano Filippini

Sono un triatleta che dal 1998, dopo aver partecipato a gare con distanze olimpiche e medie ha voluto con stonbrixiaman, affrontare il suo primo ironman .
Una gara fantastica dove ho vissuto forti emozioni con i miei cari già al momento dell’iscrizione coinvolgendo chi mi circondava in ogni istante prima durante e dopo la manifestazione . Un susseguirsi nella preparazione, di dubbi perché la vita quotidiana con la famiglia ed il lavoro mi hanno assorbito prioritariamente. Una sfida che sono comunque riuscito a portare a termine con orgoglio e soddisfazione.
Saluti Fabrizio
Fabrizio Vergani

Era ottobre 2017, ero a Darfo Boario Terme per servizio, faccio il Vigile del Fuoco, e mentre guardo fuori dal camion guardo all’ in su e mi viene in mente quello che per me era un sogno: STONEBRIXIAMAN… era un anno che avevo ri-iniziato col TRIATHLON, con il CUS BRESCIA.
Dopo un approccio alla triplice abbastanza approssimativa negli anni passati, nella mia testa avevo già deciso che lo avrei fatto, anche se passare dagli sprint e olimpici alla regina delle gare era una follia. Chiedo a mia moglie  MAILA se voleva sopportarmi per 8 mesi con sacrifici, rinunce, e assenze nella quotidianità, perché STONEBRIXIAMAN è anche questo.

La risposta è: SI!

Beh allora ci siamo possiamo cominciare!

I miei amici e i mister mi dicevano << MA SEI SICURO?>>

“Ma hai capito cosa devi fare?”

POI il mio AMICO Guido mi dice: “FACCIAMOLO!”

Tante ore di nuoto, tanto cloro, tante crisi di allergia, ma io devo attraversare il lago, di notte alle 4 di mattina. Tante tante tante salite in bici, ma io devo arrivare sul GAVIA. Tante corse in montagna, ma io devo arrivare in PARADISO!

Tanti aneddoti in questi mesi da raccontare, ma ci vorrebbe un libro per raccontarli; chi è stato al mio fianco è stato FONDAMENTALE per affrontare questa sfida.

Arriviamo al dunque….

Siamo già sulla barca pronti a partire, sono carico come una molla, quante volte ho sognato questo giorno, quante volte mi sono guardato allo specchio, sempre più magro e provato che mi dicevo: “ma perché?”

Il “Perché” è arrivato con il conto alla rovescia e quello squillo di tromba.

Via! Ci siamo, 4000m di solitudine e adrenalina, non ci sono chiacchere, ci vuole coraggio.

Esco dall’acqua intorno alla decima posizione, ci sono già tutti i componenti della mia SQUADRA. Mi cambio e mi preparo alla guerra, tutto perfetto, Breno, Edolo, Trivigno, Ponte di Legno… adesso arriva il mostro: Il Gavia.
A meta salita…


Crampi… e adesso…. mi siedo… respiro … e penso… ho promesso quella MAGICA PIETRA 10X10 AL MIO BAMBINO!!
C’è solo una cosa da fare: saltare in sella e andare in CIMA! 

Ci siamo, arrivo in vetta! Mi intrufolo nella Chiesa con Andrea mi cambio e giù in picchiata.

Arrivo a Ponte e ci sono tutti i miei Amici. Sono provato, ma adesso comincia il bello!!!
I primi 21 km li faccio da solo, veramente duri, ho pensato tanto e ho pianto per la felicità e la fortuna di poter vivere questa giornata.

Siamo al giro di boa, il mio Amico Natale mi accompagna fino a Ponte.

Lì mi aspetta la Mia SQUADRA DI AMICI.
Ecco lo STONEBRIXIAMAN mi ha regalato oltre tutte queste emozioni: 8 km con GUIDO, NATALE, ALBERTO, FRANCO, ANDREA, non so quanto ci abbiamo messo ma ho sentito davvero un GRAN BENE nei miei confronti da parte loro.

Qualcuno lassù ci ha regalato una giornata meteo strepitosa, ma ai -3km la fatica è davvero alle stelle, penso di non essere mai stato cosi stanco, poi all’improvviso vediamo il tappetto Blu. GUIDO toglie fuori dal cilindro la bandiera dei 4 MORI, IO sono sardo, BARBARICINO..


una sistemata e via tutti insieme alle porte del PARADISO!


Si ce l’abbiamo fatta, perché è stato realizzato il sogno di tutte le persone che mi sono state vicine.

Sono passati quasi due anni, ma forse non ho ancora metabolizzato… 17 ore di incredibili emozioni!

Io sarò per sempre uno STONEMAN!



Marco Murgia

Our Partner