Race manual 2017


The contents of this race manual may be subject to change. Every amendment will be notified to the athletes registered for the race.

It is mandatory for every athlete and support team to read and fully understand the content of the Race Manual.

Stone Brixia Man Extreme Triathlon is a competition based on the classical long distance triathlon lengths:




Valcamonica is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps

and is the perfect setting for the race.

This competition is conceived to  provide the athletes with a unique and exciting experience where the person is at the center. Our focus is to support each participant so they can concentrate on their race, their emotions, their effort without any other concerns.

The race is tough: the total difference in height is more than 6000 meters, during the bike leg you will reach 2621meters a.s.l. and the finish line is at Passo Paradiso at 2600 meters a.s.l.


 We suggest to stay in Sulzano during friday evening (prerace) and in Ponte di Legno during saturday evening (postrace)

Before the race

The registration point will be in the same place of T1.

The transition 1 will be located in Sulzano, in the square between the Sulzano townhouse and the farry station to Montisola.

During Friday july 7th afternoon T1 will be open for bike check-in from 15:00 to 17:00.

After that we will move (you can walk!) to Hotel Rivalago (Via Cadorna N° 7 a Sulzano)  for the mandatory safety briefing end the bib-giving ceremony, starting at 17:30.

During the ceremony also the prerace dinner will be served.

Everything will end by 19:00, giving the possibility to the athletes to rest for the race.

During the race

We will provide you with 6 bags with stickers:

  • T1, you will use this bag to put your wetsuit, goggles, swimcap and averything you will leave at T1. You’ll find this bag at the bike check-out on sunday morning.
  • T2 you must put into this bag all you need for the run leg. You will find this bag in T2.
  • Arrivo (Finish Line), you put into this bag all the material you want to find at the finish line.
  • Mortirolo, you will find this bag at the top of Mortirolo climb. You can put food, drink and clothing.
  • Gavia, you will find this bag at the top of Gavia climb. You can put food, drink and clothing. The descent could be cold!
  • Personale (Personal). You can leave this bar before the start and you wil find this bag at the bike check-out on Sunday.


After the race

After the finish line it is provided a hot meal for athletes and supporters and the cable car will take you to Passo del Tonale.

It’s not organised a transfer from Tonale to Ponte di Legno, but if you need it please let us know and wi well organize it for you.

On Sunday morning from 9:00 am bike and bags check-out is open at the Intermediate school of Ponte di Legno (Scuole Medie) at the crossing between Via Nino Bixio and Via Gennaro Sora.

The award giving ceremony will be in Piazza XX settembre at 11:30. It’s the same place of T2. All the finisher will be awarded.

Following the award ceremony everybody is invited to the final lunch (open to all the families and friends) at Mirabella Hotel.


Friday July 7th
14:00 Open the registration office. Hotel Rivalago
15:00 T1 open for bike check-in. Sulzano TownHouse Square
17:00 T1 close.
17:30 Mandatory Brifieng in Italian. Hotel Rivalago
17:50 Mandatory Briefing in English. Hotel Rivalago
18:10 Bib giving ceremony  starts. Every athlete will receive his bib. Followed by prerace dinner. Hotel Rivalago
19:00 Pre race dinner and bib giving ceremony closing.
Saturday July 8th
 2:30 T1 Open for bike inspection, and bags drop-off. You will receive the GPS tracker.
3:25 T1 closes
3:30 Jump on the boat to sail to the starting line.
Sunday July 9th
 09:00 Opening of Intermediate School for bike Check-out. Crossing between Via Nino Bixio and Via Gennaro Sora.
11:30 Award Ceremony in Square XX settembre. Same place where T2 was located. Every finisher will be awarded.
12:30 Final Lunch at Hotel Mirella – Ponte di Legno (BS) – Via Roma, 21 – Telefono 0364 900500.


The swim start will be, like in 2016, from the boat. Than you’ll jump off the boat in the dark.

The start will be at 4:00 am. Every athlete will use a Restube with a bliking light. The swim course will be completely streight. The exit is located in Sulzano.

The bike course will begin in Sulzano. Compared to Edition Zero there are 7,6 km more!

You’ll ride trough the Vello-Toline bikeway, and than all along the ValCamonica. At Edolo you turn left toward Aprica, the clim start to be seriuos.

Just befor arriving at Aprica you’ll turn right to Trivigno and Mortirolo pass.

After the descent to Monno, you’ll clim to Ponte di Legno where you will cross the village central square, and than clib to Gavia Pass.

After the descent, always in the central square you’ll reach the T2.

The run course will be slightly different compared with Edition Zero, but always very hard. After T2 you’ll climb right away to Precasaglio, Than you’ll reach Villa Dalegno and descnd to Temù and Val D’avio. Ready to climb again to Valbione just before coming back to Ponte di Legno. 

After refreshment in the central square you’ll start the climb to Tonale pass along the Pegrà, that in wintertime is a ski slope.

Arrived in Tonale, you run around Tonale for approximately 5 km, and tha start the climb to Passo Pasadiso and the finish line.


From this point it is mandatory to have a supporter with you (anyway the supporter is allowed for all the run course), and, if you want to reach the finish line you mast cross that check point before 21:00.



During the swim leg a water ambulance will be present, together with 10 kayaks and a motorboat closing the race.

The course is completely straight.

Every athlete will use a Restube with a blinking light.


 The bike course is open to traffic. Every athelte is obliged to respect traffic laws and rules.

During the course there are some train crossing, if you find those crossing closed you’ll have to wait the reopening, it’s usually only a few minutes.

Every bike must have a rear light on.


During the run leg it’s possible to have your suppoter with you from the beginning.

The supporter is mandatory from the gate at Tonale Pass, when the climb to Passo Paradiso begins.

From that point you must have with you all the mandatory material.


Every athlete must have support during the last 12 km from Passo del Tonale until the arrival at Passo Paradiso.
It is recommended that support starts from the second crossing of Ponte di Legno. It’s allowed being supported during the entire run leg.
The supporter will be allowed to carry food, liquids, gels and clothing for the athlete in his own bag.

Do you need a supporter?

Write to info@stonebrixiamanxtri.com



  • Restube
  • Swimsuit (even if the water will not be too cold the swimsuit is mandatory for safety reasons)


  • Rear light.
  • GPS (you will receive the GPS at T1 the morning before the start)
  • Cell Phone recharged and off!


During all the run course

  • GPS

After the Tonale Pass gate (for both the athlete and the supporter):

  • Backpack with food and baverages
  • Termic blanket
  • Water resistant and war clothes (hat, gloves, raincoat with long sleeves)

 All the material can be carried by the supporter.



Being the finish line in high mountain, in case of bad weather the finish line will be moved to a lower height above the sea level.


Every athlete and supporter must sign a declaration of responsability.
Is is possible to read this documento at the following link:
Stone Brixia Man declaration of responsability

Further information will be added to this section in future and some will be communicated only to registered athletes.

Our primary purpose is to make Stone Brixia Man an unforgettable experience for both athletes and supporters and to ensure that everybody is able to concentrate on living and enjoy the 8th of July at their best.