Extreme Triathlon Series


Stonebrixiaman is now part of The Extreme Triathlon Series that consists of 5 extreme triathlon races.

Each event is unique in itself, with varying terrain, distances, challenges and characteristics but with one common feature – each race is focused on our athletes, with a close-knit family atmosphere.

Check out our races.

Winterman CZECH Xtreme Triathlon – 11.10.2020
Knysna Extreme Triathlon – 21.11.2020
Pirene Xtreme Triathlon – 29.05.2021
Austria eXtreme Triathlon – 26.06.2021
Stonebrixiamanxtri – 03.07.2021

Take on the challenge and achieve the impossible by completing 5 races in the Extreme Triathlon Series within a 3-year period and become an XTS athlete.

Carve your name in history and be part of the elite Extreme Triathlon Series Hall of Fame.

Each time an athlete completes one of the races in the series, they will receive a unique medal that forms part of the ultimate XTS medal. The Extreme Triathlon Series trophy is unique in itself and is designed for the ultimate extreme triathlete.

👉 The wood frame stands for ‘closeness to nature’, which connects all triathlons in the XTRI series.

👉 The Stone base represents the extreme nature and toughness of the XTS challenge.

👉 Lastly, the stainless-steel medals reflect the determination and strong character of every finisher.


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